Renoise + Monitor & Bad FrameRates

hey guys!
i’m usually tracking on my laptop, everythings fine with it, no problems.
BUT when i open renoise on my desktop-pc and do some stuff in renoise or just hearing/watching trackerfiles, it runs very bad. it’s hard to describe, it would be best to show in a video, but i don’t know how to record the things going on on my desktop…
well, my question is, whether the cause of the problem could be my 8ms latency of my flatscreen. it’s not running straight down, it’s kind of “interrupted” in the pattern editor, and the track envelopes are “interrupted”. like a bad framerate… i tried to fix it by changing the framerate etc but nothing did work.
could that problem be fixed by a monitor with a lower latency?
when i change the windowsize of renoise and reduce it to a size where i can see about 20 rows in the tracks, it’s fine, but in fullscreen it’s terrible. tracking is no fun that way… :(

Edit => Preferences => GUI => Use more compatible GFX updates

can you give the specs of your PC? (Operative system, CPU, GPU at least)

winxp sp 2
2 ghz amd sempron
1,5gb ddr memory
geforce 6600

i already have the “use more compatible…” acticated. no difference between on and off.
i’m on 1280x1024. but like i said, there is a latency of 8ms…

Have you tried changing some of your graphic card’s options in the NVidia display driver itself?
Perhaps there some very rich option (vertical sync / anisotropic filtering / antialias / etc.) that causes these hogs with Renoise.
Renoise uses DirectDraw.
Usually when had such hogs i had to turn off the vertical sync (it either was set to 60hz or to “let the application decide”).

hm… there aren’t any options for turning on/off vertical sync. or antialias, filtering etc… :(

Which driver are you using?
Have you tried to upgrade?
Although vertical sync has been configurable in lots of display drivers since ages so i suspect you overlook something…

found it. needed to avtivate “advanced view”. but nevertheless, nothing changed without vertical snyc. and turning of antialiasing, anisotropic filtering

That’s a shame… turning off vsync should make some different in most cases.
Is there a difference in behavior between Renoise 1.9x and Renoise 2.0?

no. has always been like this. even when i started with 1.8
that’s why i switched to my laptop to make music. it sucks really bad on my desktop pc :(

Does gaming work out on your desktop?

The video card itself should not really be the problem, usually its driver configuration…
If changing thos things don’t do anything then there are only a few general hints i could supply you can check out:
I don’t know what the clock speed of your memory is, but your AMD processor is performance-wise not top-notch.
Also the chipset of your mainboard has a large part of the performance deal as well since it has connect all the items together.
If you know what the exact hardware is that you have, you can search the net for performance reports and problem solving issues.

Perhaps a BIOS tweak might do the deal or perhaps you need a registry tweak.

gaming works nice. played Doom3 some time ago again, everything was fine.
well all these deep inside specifications of my cpu and mainboard, bios etc… i don’t really care ;)
i’m going to buy a another monitor, plug it on my laptop and keep tracking with it. my sister moved in november so i got one more room here, that’s where my studio starts growing :)
i’m still thinking that the latency of my monitor (8ms) is responsible for the problem here. i’m usually tracking on highspeed, like 255 bpm, speed 2… maybe the monitor is just too slow for my speed ;)

then instead of buying a new monitor you could try the new LPB system which has been implemented in Renoise 2.0: this will allow you to make more things with less speed, saving money and being more comfortable with eyes and the control of what’s going on in the patterns.

I have said this and I will say it again and again: there is really no sense in using such mad speeds in Renoise 2.0 other than showing off, if this makes any sense whatsoever. I hope you appreciate my frankness.

well, there is just no difference between high and low speed with my monitor… it’s all running bad the same way

by the way, I have checked my laptop LCD response time: it’s 8ms and I haven’t got the problem you describe. The laptop is an ACER 5920G

hm… i’m tracking with an acer extensa6702… don’t know what latency it has.
but i’m going to buy a new monitor anyway :P

watch this:
bad quality (i recorded it with my cell phone) but i think you can see the effect i’m describing.
by the way, i plugged my monitor on my laptop and it works without problems there. seems to be something wrong with my desktop pc…

Probably the video/monitor settings are just fine. The audio driver latency also influences how quickly played back things are updated in the GUI. The larger the drivers latency, the “less” GUI updates you get.

Have you already tried to play around with the Audio settings? Do you use ASIO or DirectSound?

i tried both, asio and direct sound. no difference…

by the way, taktik why don’t we speak german? just realized you’re from berlin ;)

If you speak german here, non german speking wont have much help if they run into similar problems.

And do you also tried to lower the latency in DS and ASIO?