Renoise & Moog Modular V

1st post and already needing help :D

Into the Moog Modular V VSTi, the instruments glide correctly, but when I put them on the patterns, the glide seems to completely disappear !

Does anybody have any idea to solve that problem ? Because I really don’t know why it does that. :(


Hi, I think, what you will find on most VSTi’s, that when using them in renoise, you should try putting the notes next to each other first…

Extend the pattern so that you can put two rows of notes down along it, now, put to of the same note next to each other. If you want it to slide, put two of the same notes you want it to slide to…

G-3 — G-3

D-3 — D-3

This will slide from G-3 to D-3…
if this doesn’t work, experiment :)

It always has something to do with doubling tho, at least that’s what i think… I think there are some other posts here about the same issue…

Have a look, and good luck :)

I would also like to know what the deal is with portamento and vsti’s… It seems as if you need to use a different technique for every vsti.

When using Rainbow 2, Triangle II or Tau Bassline you need to to do it like this:

C-4 … … — … …
— … … — … …
— … … C-5 … …

i.e you ned to put the slide target note in a different column.

In Synth 1 and Iblit you can place the notes in whatever column you want.

Some synths like SuperWave8 seems to be impossible to slide allthough it has portamento as one of it’s features.

So basicly what you need to do, like dufey said, is to experiment. In a perfect world every synth would behave like the first I described because then you can easily switch between portamento and trigger without having to go the long way through Vsti Automation Device to turn the feature on and off.

I think the major point about this is that if you place notes like this :



the C-4 gets an “off” before the triggering of the C-5, so the VSTi cant slide at all. it makes sense that a slide cant work that way.

the three ways I know of are (as posted before)

C-4 —

C-4 C-5

C-5 C-3


C-4 —

— C-5

— C-3

C-4 —

— C-5

C-3 —

the first way works for example with all reFX VSTi’s, the two other ones with some other VSTi’s. Try around.

thx people, problem solved ^^