Renoise Mp3 Player V 1.0

Hi, Renoise Community… :D

I make this “Renoise Mp3 Player v 1.0” dedicated to Renoise Team and
Renoise Community,

Download Link:…v1.0_public.exe

Download it and share with your Friend’s…it’s Freeware!!! :D

Thank’s , Maurizio Giannelli

Thank’s Bantai :D

nice, but a winamp5 skin would be more useful … B)

(the player is made with flash or director? … notice that not all mp3 bit-rates are playable with flash’s mp3 engine … some mp3 will be played in double speed … maybe these flash-bugs are fixed with latest flash-patches but I noticed these bugs by developing my web site at the beginning of this year … )

The player is made in Flash!

This is the limitation of Flash!!!

But i stay at work for a WinAmp Skin of Renoise when Renoise team released a .dll for playback *.Rns file in winAmp!
That’s is all!


nice player, thanks!

;) in my opinion there will never be a .dll … or is a cubase, reason or other sequencers .dll available?! :P

but nevertheless a cool winamp5 skin would be great!!!

very neat work…

Thank’s Tom de Rooy! :)

Thank’s Dr. Drips! :)

I can’t move the player windows… its my fault or your?

to move the player right button and mouvement required

damn ! are u a Morphos user ??
I’m a pegasos I /Morphos user, nice to meet a butterfly lover here

one day i’ll get a pegasos g4 board
here’s a poem from Bernard Howe

“Butterfly and the Rose”

In our little bed of roses
lives a butterfly that’s blue.
It lands upon the rose buds
to give us a better view.

It flutters all around us
as it watches the roses grow.
Its kind of like a guard
that was put here for a show.

As the petals begin to open
and the rose is at full bloom.
The fragrance of the rose
is like a strong perfume.

The little blue butterfly
that stands on every rose.
Gathers in its beauty
before it begins to close.

When I see it flutter
it reminds me of a dance.
The rose and the butterfly
they put me in a trance.

Nature with its beauty
of this little butterfly.
Together with my red rose
on which I often spy.

I can’t help but wonder
how nice it all could be.
Like the butterfly and rose
together living in harmony


I can move the player with right mouse button!!! :)

:D cute thing, gotta say :)