Renoise + MPC 2 Software = Super combination


I love old tracker scene from around 1998. I love Renoise’s vivid effects. I have been captivated by this great program since Renoise 1.5. Now, I just quested for a little stimulus.

MPC 2 Software using without any MPC hardware is so cool for me. I can get enough Pianoroll editor and VST wrapper in Renoise. Why need wrapper? If don’t handle VST via Renoise host, fast startup if already MPC knows my VSTs in it. If I use Logic Pro (AU plugins), I can use VST from MPC and of course Renoise Redux. Sweet! It’s a bit complicated situation and interesting. And of course loop overdubbing MIDI recording with Pianoroll can use in everywhere. This environment is my current favorite. Maybe NI Maschine is simillar but I don’t have it yet. I would like to buy it cheaply as a single piece of software that has no hardware or library at all. (But, I received a reply from NI support that it is currently impossible to purchase Maschine 2 software separately without hardware.) …MPC win!


I think MPC’s great. I use it in every DAW

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Thanks for sharing that setup, I got a copy of the mpc software when I bought my MPC One and was planning to integrate using the mpc with Renoise. It’s nice to know they work together nicely for when I finally try it out. It’s been so hard to try it though because it’s so easy to let the MPC be its own all-in-one, especially after the 2.10 update. I’ll get it all hooked up to renoise eventually