Renoise Multisampling insertion question

I’m getting the hang of the plugin-grabber after some adjustments to put some load off the CPU.
Question is-- lets say sample range is from C3-C6 from resulting grab and I want to replace multiple files ranging from C5-C6,
what’s the proper way to do it?

Tried loading samples from Keyzones, but they seem to overlap or get mixed up.

Thanks in advance

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Not quite sure what you mean. Does this help?

  1. Grab C3-C6 to instrument A.
  2. Grab C5-C6 to instrument B.
  3. Go to mapping editor instrument A. Delete mapping between C5-C6.
  4. Go to mapping editor instrument B. Select all and copy.
  5. Go to mapping editor instrument A. Paste what you have.
  6. Adjust range of sample used at top and bottom of C5-C6.