Renoise @ Music Hack Day, Berlin, May 28Th - 29Th, 2011

offline here :(

Renoise workshop kickoff!

Power point crew.

Too bad i miss free food…


Demos are happening live as I type.

Renoise Team, any hacks for/with Renoise? Someone gives a recap of the even when it’s done?

…and, any hint where to find video recording of the session, if any?

the stream was major fail.

Nothing here, either the devs are still baked and wasted from the happening or it was a failure!

I noticed they turned it on somewhere on Sunday (during the cleanup) for a couple of minutes… I guess they noticed by then the stream was turned off the whole time.
I was playing a game when i heard strange noises suddenly. I had the tab still open in my browser.
But indeed it was a major fail :P

Yeah maybe nothing much happened. Saw a couple of pictures from the presentation, but how about the workshop?

Anyone here on this board went there?

Well, didn’t seem too much room to house all the guests in the main demo-room.

now I still don’t know how Eduard looks like :rolleyes:

I tried to watch a bit of the demo presentation, but it was like watching a blurred building in google streetview. :(

that’s the only reason i was watching this thread! i want to see some real faces instead of avatars and forum names!

we will never see him,

haha cool thanks vV!

I look like an absolute freak in this photo, haha. Good party though :)

Makes me want to join a forum meeting.
A shame we haven’t been able to arrange that.
lot’s of peeps from Holland and Germany.

was just thinking about a forum meeting the other day. only problem is: i’m not gonna organize it, as i suck at that kinda stuff… or maybe, in other words, i’m too lazy to figure out how to do it properly. i’d attend though. we should do it in NL, so we can smoke weed legally. :)