Renoise @ Music Hack Day, Berlin, May 28Th - 29Th, 2011

Renoise @ Music Hack Day, Berlin, May 28th - 29th, 2011

Calling all Renoisers in Berlin and the surrounding areas!

Come and hang out with the Renoise crew at this year’s Music Hack Day event in Berlin!

Eduard (taktik), Erik (sharevari) and Kieran (dblue) will be there to give a quick introduction to Renoise and what it’s all about, to hack around with the LUA scripting API and create some interesting things together, to drink some coffee and/or beer, and to generally have a jolly good time!

If you…

  • have always wanted to try a tracker but were freaked out by the evil hex
  • have a great idea for the ultimate Renoise tool but don’t know where to start
  • want to learn some überl33t Renoise tricks
  • want to discuss the finer points of füße waschen with taktik
  • want to nag the hell out of dblue for a Mac version of Glitch
  • simply want to hang out and have fun with other Renoise nerds

… then you should come and join us!

The event is free (pre-registration required) and will be located at the very sexy MTV Networks building, next to the Spree River in Berlin Friedrichshain.

We hope to see you there! Spread the word!

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i accidentally might be in berlin for a week, including those two days. but that’s depending on the outcome of a job interview i got tomorrow.
i’ll let you know if i’m able to make it. really loved to see you fellas again.

Since I cannot be there I hope some video registrations will be made.
I still like the idea of a forum meeting, but it’s so hard to arrange!

Good luck there to you all!

Will you throw a miss vertical t-shirt contest then?

Unfortunately, I can’t join. Would have loved to, it’s only a 7 hour drive from where I live. Cheers to Next Time!

I would love to, too bad it is on such a short term, can’t get free that quick at work.
But I wish you all a nice time !


Good luck boys, you know I’d be there if I could. Long live the nerds! :D

Looks sweet, someone should set this up in any other capital cities of Europe so the renoise guys actually do an Europe tour. Like a rock band!

looks like a beautiful place, have fun!

aah, would love to be there - have fun folks! :)

damn , just left berlin , been there for 2 weeks …
What a great city it is , I spend hours on the s bahn , listening to astrobotnia and looking at peoples faces … :)
I ♪♪ berlin…

Just a reminder that the event is free but registration is required if you want to attend.

You can register here:

When registering for the waiting list you should mention that you are part of the Renoise community.

Even though the page says the event is full up, Renoise community members will be added to the actual guest list!

Bump! Edited my post above with some new info.

that place is beautiful.

All signs point to yes.

Have fun.

So is the talk going to be recorded on video by somebody?

I’m following the Twitter feed, There’s also IRC (#musichackday at which I will try to get my lurk on when the timezones permit it.

right now:

Red Renoise t-shirt in upper right corner spotted!

Me and Erik are sitting in the upper right corner, hidden underneath that white structure. :)