Renoise Mutant Soundpacks - Synths

Hello everyone,

This month’s compilation of mutant renoise concoctions is based around synth-like instruments and sounds!

Basically, anything that isn’t a sub-bass tonal instrument/sample in renoise is game for submission (this includes mid-bass sounds)

My starting contribution is a little something I threw together just now – it’s kind of a hacky way of getting some feedback happening, without generating any actual signal feedback.

feedback_synth3.xrni (7.4 KB)

I’m having a hard time describing exactly what’s going on, but I’m planning on doing a video discussing this once I finish editing the other renoise vid I’m working on./

It’s really quite fun to play around with, and you can get a variety of very dynamic and “human” or almost waveguide type sounds. Please enjoy!


I know I’ve seen this posted here before, but here’s one of my earlier attempts at making a true monosynth in renoise:

ringmod_monosynth.xrni (4.0 KB)

Not so exciting in itself, but can be very good as a jumping off point to get otherwise difficult to achieve sounds via native renoise DSP.

Basic oscillations with a small bit of movement:

UnisonSawSquare+Sub.xrni (22.5 KB)

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Here’s another feedback synth, using only one sample supply a steady DC signal to the ringmods
feedback_synth4.xrni (6.3 KB)

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These are cool. To my ear …one sounds stringy, and the other sounds brassy; thanks!