Renoise Myspace/website Banner

This is the code to put a renoise banner on your myspace or on your website:


Looks nice but if everybody here uses it, your bandwidth will explode ;)

don t worry it s only 23k and i don t have bandwidth limit ;)
(and i don t care it s my booking agency website)

Well, then I am gonna add this to my myspace and my virb profile as soon as possible

And if anyone wants a renoise userbar, feel free to check my sig ;)

actually I posted it at I think… it’s on there somewhere

I like the Idea, but not the Idea of composing crazy music.

crazy… like wicked! :P not in the style but it’s soooo goood that it s crazy!!
And we have to say that renoise is one level upper the other softs in “crazy” music composing, retriggering and breaking sounds…
I think for composing a virtual orchestra symphony with 3 tenors and 150 violins or mixing and arrangements for a latino band, protools or logic audio are superiors. ;) but renoises rocks for jungle electro breakbeat hardcore breakcore techno… all the kinds of electronic Crazyy music :rolleyes:

Yep, applaud the effort but not crazy about the crazy music slogan.

what the hell’s tekcore?

ok ok i put it off!! :D:D:D

tekcore is a hard techno style born in france on the “teknival” scene.
To compare with Holland: Frenchore in france has the same place as gabber in NL and Happy Tekcore is like Happy hardcore for NL… It’s 2 styles quite similar but frenchcore is for young angry people and happy tekcore is much stupid dancefloor style with dance music covers and more trancy sounds for smiley people

LOOOOL Frenchcore it s Micropoint, Radium, Alcore, Rotator, Speedfreak, Cardiak etc… it s from hardcore scene it s not junk stuff!! Audiogenic, Psychik genocyde etc…

This is some extracts of happy tekcore pasted quickly with soundforge to give you an idea! 64 kb and sometimes sampled from vynil so the sound is dirty!

Happy tekcore extracts

For your knowledge this is the main Frenchcore label: AUDIOGENIC

And i can speak about the french scene because i am french ;)

and you also …

Tu vois pas ce que c est? c’est les petits jeunes habillés en kaki avec des tetes de supporters de football qui crient “fais péter” en rebellion face a leurs parents qui ne leur donnent que 1000¤ d argent de poche par mois!

We like it or not but it s the best selled vynils genre in france… more than minimal or ed bangers…
We have to respect any genres, it s this which makes electronic music rich mixed and full of influences…

Moi aussi ca me gave le teenage hardcore :D et surtout les petits bourgeois rebelles :D

In Australia we have Yobk0r3.

yobcore??? i want to discover it!!! give me some extracts!!


i listened yobkore: it s funny fusion!! “funny” i think because i don t understood all the lyrics :) bloody accent!!

yo Mat, globbed yer banner on the bottom of this page: