Renoise Native Synth Ideas

I posted about this years ago. I still think it could be a HUGE deal if this was implemented.

Basically I’m thinking of a synth with some really cool synthesis methods (wavetable, granular, formant), with an extensive mod matrix.

The exciting part, would be having special modulation sources that are accessible via effect commands.

Imagine, the arp effect command, with all the control it offers, as a modulation source on multiple parameters at once.

Also the possibility for per voice automation would allow very organic results.

the new resynth is pretty nice. mxb is doing amazing things and i vote that he should be the next person hired to move to germany and work for renoise.


but I’m having trouble understanding if there’s anything advantages with over a vsti? Any effect command stuff?

ReSynth can “only” render WAV’s which can be used as normal samples inside Renoise, so you can use any sample related track command on its samples, while with VST instruments you can’t.

the only problem of using ReSynth is that you cannot automate the parameters of the sound so, the sound you have rendered is not modifiable in realtime

I see… so resynth is more of a sample generator? Really a totally different beast than what I’m talking about.

What I’m suggesting is a whole other “mode” for renoise instruments. synth mode ya’ll. I just think it would really round out the whole app. A good synth is really the only thing you lack out of the box!

if you look through the pinned topics, you will find this. XRNI evolution is one of the features for which the userbase has waited the most, but also one of the most complex, which would touch Renoise at its roots

You can do little tricks with layered samples, hydras and volumes, etc in the meantime…