Renoise Needs You

Dear Renoise community,

As you all might know, we, the Renoise team, dont do this project as our daytime job but in our free time. This means that we are no commertial society that only exists to get the money out of your pocket. We do this to keep Trackers alive.
I even see this more as an organized open sorce project, where anyone who wants to help improving the software by programing, tutorials, support, whatever, is welcome.

So if you want to help Renoise and join our crew, dont hesitate to contact us.
Either as programmer on the mac / pc or linux , supporter, designer, or as I already said : whatever ;)
The only thing we expect from you is: that you love tracking, you are someone we can count on (you let us know when you have time and when not) and you like to work in a team.
You can expect from us, that we share what we earn with this project with you. It will be nothing that keeps you alive, but it will help not to stop with this project because you ask yourself : why do I do this if I could earn 100 times more with a real job.

So if you need your dream feature now, stop waiting and moaning. Do it by yourself. Thats how I started this project. I simply needed a good tracker and noone else did it for me.

you know, folks, i originally thought that the renoise team was working fulltime on renoise - given the quality of software churned out. pretty amazing amount of committment there. and at an unbeatable price too…

keep up the good work man! we’re all with you.

the siberian renoise troll is here to support you :)

p.s. not sure i can keep spamming my ideas without a reply though :rolleyes:

Let me know if there’s any openings in the whatever department.

hmm, think I could help organizing beatbatlle and things like… been thinking about starting a renoise one hour compo for a while now. hmm… :yeah:

well i can’t help with coding, nor graphics, but with music i could :).

Can you make a specific list in what is needed other then programming and documentation/tutorials?

we always need demo tunes for next renoise releases. there were already threads about it, tu summ it up : the tune needs to be native and about 500-600 kb big (when cruched).

everyone is welcome to contrubute a tune.


  • good cpp knowledge (oop, templates, memory handling)
  • cvs knowledge
  • knowledge
  • depending on what feature you want to contrubute, like dsp stuff or fileformat extensions.


  • right now we are searching for a manual maintainer / writer, (see the job offering). this job is pretty hard and there is much work to do.
  • tutorials contributions : this one doesnt extactly belong into the application manual, but can be an extra contribution to renoise (eh, it-alien, maybe something for jabbanoising ? community stuff ? )

Yes, organizing a new beatbattle would be cool. Would be great if we would have beatbattles more regulary, like every month or two.
As we are running on our own webserver now we could also host the songs and all the other stuff …

Just contact me and we could discuss this further. Thanks for offering your help.

I should mention…

Due to my current living situation my work days span from 6.00 in the morning to 7.00 in the evening (lots of bus travel time included).
Needless to say Im pretty wiped out when I get home at night. On top of it all I only have a modem connection.

So until I get an apartment closer to work (should be in a months time) I can’t really organize anything.

I would also like to get through the php book Im currently reading.

i think we could use a hand with altivec stuff.

I can maybe help with some programming later on, but at the moment I have so much to do on my regular job so I realy do not want to spend the little free time I have also on programming (yes, I work as one) ;)

I can also always help as a beta-tester and with other misc stuff… taktik can always contact me via icq if he needs help ;)

i would love to help but -> i don´t have any skillzzzzZ z zZz ZzZ zZz Zz zZzZ zZ :D

does making themes/skins count ? if yes I would apply. but I guess thats the one thing you dont need any more of :D apart from that, what do you mean with “design” ?

i’m sloooowly learning to program with the vst2 sdk. would like to see more end user developer stuff for renoise… like plugins and the file formats :)

Ok, I have the appartment now. :)

I also managed to install Apache, php and MySQL on my computer and I also bought a xml book so now I have the means to start coding the beatbattle page… but please give me a coupple of weeks… ;)

Congrats with your new apartment, i once spent 3 hours everyday on transport so i know the feeling <_<

just wanted to let you know that I’ve solved the problems I got with my PC, so count me again as a betatester :drummer:

I can help with manuals. I know is not an easy task,It takes lots of time and it depends of what we want to create at the end.

So what kind of manual do we want to create a simple CHM file like the one Renoise has now or something more complicated ??

A multimedia help file maybe?? I beleive that the best tool for creating interactive help manuals is RoboHelp which is quite expensive but you can create amazing Interactive HELP Manuals.
Are we going to include interactive Videos or any other animations?…tures/brz_tour/

I have used before a couple of years robohelp version 8 or 9 in order to create a Help file for a product for the company I was working and believe me it was a nightmare. :P

There a lot of things to discuss before starting this project. Who will provide the infomation ? the structure ? e.t.c

Have in mind that I don’t know Renoise very well …

Thats all for now… kyriacos at if you want to contact me…

still haven´t got any skilzz but would love to help on everything! :)