Renoise & Ni Battery 3

Hi :)
I need some help with battery…

So, for example, i got 1cell with 4 samples inside…
Then i use mapping to make it suit well in velocity parametrs, as it said in battery manuals…

So, i need to trigger velocity in renoise, to get this 4 samples played by my commands)
How could i do this?

It will be best if i could do it on pattern…

Thx a lot in advance. i really need to get clear with it! :drummer:

Maybe I’m wrong though,
simply entering velocity value(need convert from 0-127 to 00-7F) to Vol column can do this, I think.
Can’t do? :huh:

Well, no, i’ve tryed *velocity device, it doesn’t work properly neither…
I need some step by step guide from professionals of renoise)

Today I tried Battery Demo.
I can trigger verocity by entering value to Vol column.
Isn’t this what you want?

No no… ~_~; :)

Yeah, that’s the sh*t! )))
How can it be possible, maybe we gotta try some automation, velocity…or what else?

??? :huh:
I can’t see why you can’t get success about this.
It’s very simple.
Only you need is entering the value(00-7F) to Volume column like in the image above.
Or set Volume command(0300-03FF) to Effect column.
You can’t do it by automation or device.
Check yourself again, please.

If you cannot do it still, maybe there is something mistake in Battery side.
I can’t help you about Battery in detail because I’m not an owner,
so please check the Battery manual too.

I use Battery 3, too. That’s exactly how you do it. Just make sure that your instrument properties are set to the main outputs. Renoise does not work with multi-out instruments.

Actually, what I mean to say is “you cannot use multiple audio ports”. You can, of course, use different midi channels. I’m just saying to make sure that the pads are assigned to the main out.

smueske, since you use Baktery3 too, please attach a little example XRNS for him to look at, so he will surely get it right

Yeah man, you right on that! ))
Please up some xrns for me, i apriciate that!
I know it’s simple, but just don’t work )
Maybe it’s Battery but i dig in it very deep, and in other Studios, FL7, ACID etc… It works!

I need real simple XRNS tutorial, that’s where i can see troubles / mystakes, guys, it would be very helpfull!))

lol. u said Baktery )))

he is a developer of SKALE ))

With all due respect, satobox has already gone through the trouble of creating a project and a screenshot. It works exactly as he described.

Just sequence the notes, then make sure that the record light is on, toggle to the velocity column and enter the velocity for what you want (i.e the layer you want to trigger). Provided that the pads are mapped to the main outputs. An Xrns file won’t show anything different than what satobox has already done in the screenshot. It’s more of a procedural thing.

This is a simple example, though same as the image above. (Please rename .zip to .xrns)
Maybe you need to reload any preset because I used Battery Demo.
Hit the play button in Renoise,
then Can you confirm that the red line (velocity level) blinks in the Mapping tab of Battery like the image above?
I pray that you will reply “yes I can!”. :rolleyes:

I would REALLY like to reply this…

But what in hells name is that?!))))))

You seem to be using an older version of Renoise (1.9.0?).
Please get and use 1.9.1. It’s more better. :)

Not more i guess i’ve tryed demo and couldn’t see nothing real major and cool, besides wavedrawing )

Thx, it was something weird with my battery i think.
I got one more qestion, what should i do to sinchronise renoise ad battery velocity?
For example 50 in volume column = 50 in battery velocity

both MIDI and Renoise velocity have a range of 128 steps, so there is nothing to synchronize, unless there is a different velocity curve used in your Battery preset.

the onlkything you have to pay attention to is that Renoise uses hexadecimal values, so 50 in Renoise is actually 80 in Battery.

Renoise goes from 00 to 7F, Battery goes from 000 to 127

Yeah, thx for your support, i’ve finally made it! )
Thx a lot It-Alien!!