Renoise Not Listed As Sequencer On The Virus (Ti) Forum

If your a Access Virus owner and register on the Access Music forum, you need to specify your sequencer. Renoise isn’t one of the options and there is no option that says that your sequencer isn’t listed, so you have to choose a sequencer even though you don’t use it.

I started a topic on the Access forum in wich I ask to add the option “Renoise” or “other sequencer (and type it manually)”. It would be nice if you would support me in that topic.

Please add your +1 here:

Usually it helps more to not name a specific sequencer but just say that you use a sequencer that is not listed. And by not offering an option called “Other”, this will not only supply the Virus team a false sense of generic used DAW but it will make troubleshooting not really helpful if you report a problem that does actually consider an unlisted sequencer.

I’ve editted te post on the Access forum, all traces to Renosie are deleted. I even could change the topictitle without any problems :)

Now lets hope they didn’t read the topic before I editted it.