Renoise not recognizing Waves plugins

As the title says.Been trying different things nothing seems to be working.Anybody have this problem?

I have this issue on my Mac – Renoise will not recognize the AU version of any Waves plugins. It does, however, recognize the VST version, so I had to make a folder containing just my Waves VSTs and add it to my plugin locations in Renoise’s preferences.

Waves crap is infamous for causing trouble like this across a wide range of hosts.

Try Shell2VST (if on Windows)

this has already been discussed on other threads… shell2vst worked for some of my waves stuff

For AU u need to run the register tool. Also Renoise often removes Waves on secondary/next scan, so it will be added on the next of next scan again. (because shells are handled different by Renoise)

Im on windows 10 btw.Unfortunately i tried the shell to vst thing,didnt work.