renoise not responding

i’m just getting started with renoise and it’s certainly an excellent program.

HOWEVER - In the course of trying things out - the program has been experiencing

a fault which results in the message ‘Renoise is not responding’ quite often and without

rhyme nor reason. If this is commonplace it’s going to be hopeless trying to compose

complex tracks without frustration and frequent re-starting of the program. Any suggestions

as to why this is and what to do about it would be much appreciated.


Is Renoise the version 3.1.0? Use you Linux, Windows…? Have you used any VST, VSTi?Maybe you should specify more details of your installation…

Personally, I have only managed to crash Renoise 3.1.0 64bit in Windows 10 in 3 situations:

  1. Using “poorly written” tools.The cause is the tool.Solution, uninstall the tool (and notify the author).
  2. Using VSTi’s.The cause is the VSTi (or VST).Solution, uninstall the VSTi(and notify in the forums, to the Renoise Team).
  3. Some strange crash, very punctual, possibly some very hidden bug of Renoise. Solution,wait for a new version of Renoisemore stablein a far future, if you do not know what the error is.

Another cause may be some hardware malfunction, hard disk, memory…you can make a list of possible causes, and discard little by little.

Possibly you are in case 2, or a hardware problem. Renoise 3.1.0 is not perfect, but it is very stable.

To detect the problem, observe what happens immediately before the problem occurs.For example, does it fail when you load or use a VSTi?Does it always have the same fault with the same operation, or is it something random?If you detail when it fails, someone may be able to help you.

Can you describe your problem in detail?When Renoise fails, it usually saves a log file with the problem/problems. The most common thing is to share it.



Is Renoise the version 3.1.0? Use you Linux, Windows…? Have you used any VST, VSTi?Maybe you should specify more details of your installation…


You must provide details of your entire setup. plz, thanks

If it is like for me, don’t worry, I had this problem the first time I launch Renoise v3.1, it took like 5 minutes! But then, I never had the problem again. I don’t know what happens on firsts launches. Perhaps Renoise is scanning folders to find some VST/VTSi or something like this. But I repeat, in my case, the problem was only on the firsts launches. Since then, all is ok. Renoise starts in less than 10 seconds, even with dozens of VST/VSTi.

Windows 10 is also buggy as all get it. It currently will not let me change folder permissions… it is causing all types of problems

Thanks Saul/Sokoban/2 daze J for the replies. It’s reassuring to know there are users willing to help out with this very accomplished tracker (a format I have been using for a very long time) - I am using Windows 10 on a high specification PC with internal soundcards (Realtek High Definition Audio is what I use because the SoundBlaster Audigy has been problematic). I’m not using VST’s or any third party tools and the fault seemed to occur during sampling sessions with external soundsources going into the input to the soundcard at the back of the computer. I got good results and the ‘not responding’ situation seemed to resolve itself after maybe 15 seconds - I had to restart the program a couple of times however. I’m just ensuring the problem isn’t too widespread or annoying before I commit to using it as my main sequencer. Perhaps the addition of a new external soundcard will be the answer!

Ok, I think we’ve definitely found another Renoise bug, which has to do directly with the input devices.For weeks I wanted to add a problem in the forums that I have been experiencing when using a USB microphone. It may be related to what happens to Ken.

Mi PC: tower with Sound Blaster ZXR, i7 with 32GB RAM, ports USB 2.0/3.0 and microphone USB Trust Emita and Windows 10! (Trust Emita do not need to install additional drivers. Connect and go. Works with Windows drivers).

What happens is that Renoise does not correctly recognize the disconnection/connection of the USB microphone.Then, for Renoise to detect the microphone again, I need to close Renoise and open it again.Then, there must be some problem of real-time detection of input devices, via USB or even through minijack (sound card input).I strongly suspect that Renoise has some bug related to all this.Unfortunately, I have only been able to test it with Windows 10.You should try the depth mayor to describe exactly the problem. If it is an error, it should be resolved in the next version.

@Ken. Maybe something similar happens to you?It could be a bug of those very hidden and strangers under the hood of Renoise.

On the other hand, maybe your case is different, and has to do with the performance of your hardware. Burn, “involves an extra effort” hardware, especially your CPU. If you have a poor performance computer, you may suffer occasional blockages. What specifications do you have? It is not the same with a laptop with an i3 as a tower with an i7. This seems like a common scenario on poor performance laptops. If the PC (your CPU) warms up more than it should, this CPU slows down its performance so it does not get warmer, causing some operations to “hang” momentarily.It also depends on the custom configuration of your hardware.Could this be?

EDIT:note that my problem is not in the recording of sound through the microphone, but in the state of the connection / disconnection of the USB connector of the microphone, it seems that Renoise does not react as it should.

EDIT2:I have described my problem here: It probably has nothing to do with this topic.

appreciate the response Raul - I think you describe the most likely scenario - it’s probably a hardware issue,