Renoise Not Working

My Mac Powerbook recently got stolen so I’ve been looking into using Renoise on my old 400Mhz Windows98 PC.
It’s got a Creative Labs AWE64 Gold soundcard, but Renoise won’t play or produce any sound whatsoever. Is it compatible with this soundcard or do I need to buy a new soundcard? I’ve updated all the DirectX drivers and everything…
Any help would be muchly appreciated.


do you get any sort of error message?

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400Mhz is the bare minimum of the requirements.
If your soundcard is DirectX (DirectSound) compatible and you downloaded the latest DirectX version it should work okay.

You are sure all volume sliders inside Renoise (Master) and of your
sound-card mixers’s wave-output are 75% and the wave-out and master channels of your soundcard’s mixers aren’t muted?

I’ve had these problems as well when it turned out the master volume got down for an unknown reason.

Also your speakers etc. are plugged in?
Sorry if some of the questions seem silly and the resolution might already have been logically checked…
You know this for sure if any other sound producing application works out fine.
But i can’t distinguish this from your message.

Regarding the stolen laptop
In case you registered Renoise:
It is highly advisable to change your user’s login credentials on the backstage area as this data may be swirling around on your laptop.
Also notice the dev-team your laptop has been stolen and there is a risk that a Mac edition licensed under your name may be spread.
The general rule for spreading registered copies of Renoise is that the related account is being closed as a penalty which means that further licensed updates are no longer possible from then.