renoise + novation launchpad mini on linux


I saw that Novation created a cheaper version of the launchpad, wich would be more than good enough for my bedroom linux studio setup. I already have a digital DJ tool, and a MPD style controller with an integrated 8 tracks studio style mixer. A launchpad seems a good addon.

For what I readed, the mini version is similar to the regular version, but smaller.

But I’m wondering if launchpad fully compatible (from launchpad to renoise and renoise -and tools/plugins- to launchpad) with linux (64bit ubuntu 12 LTS) and Renoise (2.8 or +).

Thank you for your help.

If I remember correctly, the mini is supposed to be USB class compliant, which should mean it works on any OS with full USB support without any additional drivers.

That’s not quite a yes, but it’s a very definite maybe.


Does it mean that it “should” work bidirectionnal too ?

Does the original/classic launchpad works this way (bidirectionnal) on linux renoise ?


Shortly after the Launchpad came out, a driver was written for it - but this is perhaps merged into the Linux kernel by now (thread is from 2010) ?

Note that you basically get bidirectional communication only if using a tool which “knows” how to communicate with the Launchpad - it has special codes for setting pad colors, etc.
A tool like Duplex generally has many different configurations for the Launchpad, and you should also be able to use the Lauflicht sequencer, Cells! etc.
So you would basically sidestep the normal Renoise MIDI device and instead select the Launchpad from within the tool itself

OK, thank you !

If anyone using linux + launchpad can post feedback, thanks also ;)


using ubuntu 13 here, with renoise 3b4 and a launchpad mini.

the launchpad works out of the box with duplex.

Great, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Waiting for next pay day now :lol:

thank you