Renoise Octave Notation

i wonder why renoise showes octave numbers wrong (one octave up)… i mean if i insert c5 note into renoise then it shows c6, if i enter a4 it shows a5. Not a big deal really, and i donk ask for it to be corrected because of backwards compatibility :) but i was just wondering… is there any reason for that?

EDIT… ok sorry… i see there is no real standard for that… i was just used to think middle C as C4

On Master keyboard or just ordinary keyboard?

If this is on your master keyboard, you might fix this by using the “/” or “*” on your keypad to “sync” the octaves.
This was actually an interpretation mistake i felt for a few times.
The octave base number on my midi keyboard said 00 while the C4 was C3 or C5.

I also wondered about this:…879640581dc9762

Having Q as middle C seems better to me. If not, then at least make it saveable with the song. (also the template one)

there are I think 3 different standards for middle C in the MIDI world.
What they all have in common is that from a note range from 0-127 note #60 has to be middle C.

For me the most convinient one describes note # 0 as C-0. Note # 60 is then C-5. Like in Renoise, FL Studio, Sonar…

Pianos I think handle Note#0 as C -1 (minus one) hence Middle C = C-4

Cubase e.g. has C -2 as 0 and Middle C is C-3