Renoise Ohc?

Me and a few other Renoisers just had fun taking part in Massive OHC event on IRC. It was a cool compo, but as most OHCs it accepts only oldschool formats like it, xm, s3m, mod etc. We decided that it would be cool to have a similar event, but accepting Renoise rns files.

To those of you, who don’t know of OHCs:
One Hour Competition is a tracking-specific competition, where a group of peopl meets on an IRC channel. They download a samplepack released at a certain hour, and an hour later they upload back their songs. Then a votepack is made with all the song and participants download it. Then they vote for the songs. After that the results are counted and announced and people /leave the channel :).

OK, I think I might be able to host a compo like that.

Before I make certain plans however, I want to know:

  • how many of you would participate?
  • which day and hour would you like best (there’s a chance for a weekly compo maybe…)
  • how much time can you spare on such a compo (cause it might not be exactly one hour compo)

So, please post here if you’re interested. :)

i would most definitly join in on that :)


me too, make it a chip sample pack! :P

i would too!! for sure! i’ve been wanting to be in a compo for a long time… last one i did was around 98 with impulse tracker. weekends would be best for me but for the next 1-2 months any day of the week would be ok probably. except there might be a time zone difference? i wouldn’t be able to do it while i am at work - i work 9am-5:30 pm EST … where are you located and what times would you want to have these things?

couldn’t you try to convince OHC organizers to accept RNS files?

you could renounce to use internal DSP, if they want to, though .IT files do support filters

i think it would be fun to just have a renoise only compo

I’m definetly in, did a few OHC’s in my FT2-day… :)

I can spare 2-3 hours if needed, any night really.

I was one of those who would be against RNS files in that OHC, because it was more comfortable for me to compete from Linux ;).

what soft did you use in Linux? IT in some DOS-shell?

I can’t use FT2 anymore, really… Way too limited and corcy for me now that I’ve become used to Renoise!

Tho I’d love to give it a go if I had '98 installed somewhere. :)

so any idea when this compo might get started?

also where will we meet? irc? what network and channel?

is there an irc channel where renoise users usually meet?

i will join too!! if i dont have to do something really important at that time ;)

Nah, I use native software - Cheesetracker.

It’s an IT clone, has most of the features of the original, same keybindings (which pisses me off, because I’m used to my modified Renoise keybindings), though the interface sometimes does strange things and the vibrato effect works strange. Unfortunately reduz seemes to have dropped the developement of this tracker on version 0.9.9 :angry:, when it’s almost finished and works almost perfect. It’s perfectly usable for OHCs though.

(I’d still like to have Renoise for Linux)

people meet on #renoise IRCnet.

you can also reach it via port 80 here

If I do it, I’ll make a special channel for the OHC.

Yay! I’m in! Weee! Com-op! Com-po! :w00t:

Remember this topic? B)

No… :unsure:

But I’ll talk with Kricke :).