Renoise On 3 Monitors

Figured I’d post a (horrible quality) pic of renoise running on 3 x 24" syncmasters in 5040x1050 resolution using the Matrox Triplehead2go Digital.

big pic:

Works great, no more scrolling back and forth!


heh, that’s pretty wiiide.
how does it feel, apart from the no-need for scrolling?
I mean, some stuff will always be cut/divided between the screens in a not-so-practical way, won’t it?

I have a dualscreen setup, but I usually just use one app per screen.

dreaming about the day Renoise will come with (un)dockable windows. Having to scroll sideways is fine with me, but would love to have for instance one screen with only the sequencer, one with the sample/instrument editor, and one with the disk browser. oh la la.

Well sayd! :D

In that pic, is it noise… or is it renoise? ;)

You crazy, crazy man!

is it really your workstation or is it just for fun?
Cause I cant imagine myself just looking to the left all the time, when I use 10 tracks only .Also, I wanted to ask WHY? Does that really makes sense? how is it like this?
tell me plz :D

Yeah that’s what I was asking myself… isn’t it better to use the center monitor for monitor 1?

You just made a photo of my dream!
I always use a lot of tracks: +/- 50
so this is the perfect solution!

The only problem is that I use a macbook and three monitors won’t work with that videocard.

today I noodled around, and Ive got more than 20 I think and it was somekinda pain in the ass to slide from one track to another XD.
These are those moments where 3 monitors make sense ;D

imagine how awesome THIS monitor would’ve been with Renoise:

YIKES! :w00t:

Just install one of these in the home innit.…feature=related

A Renoise sunscreen set B)

i think its real cool using 2 monitors and the second monitor for view mixing window like in cubase

working across 3 screens really isn’t that bad for the neck, the side screens are both angled towards me so I can rotate my chair a few inches and look pretty much directly at it. Even if it was an issue I could always maximize renoise to 1 monitor (so I don’t accidentaly drag it all over my desktop) and use the other two for random VST’s etc, then switch to all 3 screens if I need better overview later on when working with more tracks.

I bought the Triplehead2go for games mostly, gaming on 2 screens with a giant black bar in the middle isn’t cool. If you just want to use multiple screens within windows you could buy two $50 dual-link video cards and use up to 4 screens, Matrox also has various hardware for doing video walls if you want to go really crazy. The comp in the pic has 2 vid cards, a GTX280 and a 9800GT, since I’m using the triplehead2go on 1 DVI output I could run 6 screens total, or I could buy 3 more triplehead2go’s and run 12 screens…


Oh also, the bezels are a non issue, it takes a bit to get used to having a track split across the edge of two screens but after that it turns into habbit.

Next I’m going to build a 3840x720 permanent framed projector screen and ceiling mount 3 Sony VPL-AW15 720p projectors so they project edge to edge across it…

I need to start collecting stamps or something…

Check the Matrox Triplehead2go website, there’s an older version that’s VGA and a new one that’s DVI; if your macbook has either VGA or DVI out you should be able to use 3 screens if you get a triplehead2go.

Not sure what the highest supported resolution will be though since it depends on how old the video card is.

Still waiting for a proper support for e.g. two monitors. An option for windowed pattern edit, mixer view, sample edit etc. plz!
“What, a support for two monitors? I thought it works alrite as it is?” Yeah it works, but for an example try using the rec when working with two monitors. Not a lot of fun now is it?
Which reminds me, when are we able to move the rec window around? Plz, let me move at least that one window in particular if the other windows should remain still!

On topic then, three monitors is a bit of a lol. I’d prefer using two wide screens instead. Not that I’m complaining though, 'cos that looks very sweet!

thank you very very much!

Been googling for this sometime but didn’t find this yet!

I’d love to see Renoise have the ability to detach each view to it’s own floating window (preferably with the ability to resize the window). That way I could just drag the mixer onto my left display and run the patern editor across center/right display which would keep my eyes focused on the main display 99% of the time. Or mixer on left, pattern editor center, sample editor on right screen for instance.

I’m sure there are some… technical hurdles… that would need to be overcome but I don’t see why this isn’t possible considering the inherent modular nature of Renoise.

Question: Before I buy the “Triple2go”
I have 2 monitors now with an expanded desktop.
but I can’t strech my renoise over two monitors :S
The biggest I had is 1 1/2 monitor.
Is this a problem with renoise for mac or just my computer?

And… will it be possible with the triple2go?

I’m not sure if it might be a mac issue but I can stretch the renoise window across all three screens in window mode or set the fullscreen resolution and alt+enter to maximize. The nice thing about that is the ability to have it windowed but docked in center screen and hit fullscreen if you want to use all 3 screens.

But when you use two monitors you usually use two physical outputs on a video card, which some applications (in particular 3d accelerated apps) tend to have issues with. When you use the triplehead2go your computer sees it as one giant monitor instead of two seperate ones since it only uses a single physical connector on your computer.

I would think the problem is caused by the OS not being able to correctly scale the app across multiple displays, and that the triplehead2go should solve the problem since it takes over the responsibility of scaling the image, but I can’t guarantee it.

That’s a trip. Right now all I have for production is a laptop, so no dual/triple screens for me.

But if I did have it, I’d go along with what denim said. One app per screen.