Renoise on a work pc

is it ok to hold a copy of renoise on my work pc? i have some legal company software on, and i wonder is it ok hold my personal copy on that computer (im only one using that pc)
its ok with copyrights, laws and everything?

If that is a machine not on your office where everybody else has access to, should not get you into trouble.
If you have a risky habit to forget to sweep it off before returning it to your company or someone else can get access to it, i would reconsider.

PC actually is on my office, but no one else dont have an access to it, i was thinking about goverment raids for pirated files and apps. do i should print out email with Payment Receipt from, or what?
for adobe stuff i got boxes and receipts with serials. what is official document to show that my copy is not pirated ?

The splash screen with your name wouldn’t cut it?
But installing a licensed Renoise on a computer at the office i would not recommend.
I assume you are then majorily using samples and free plugins, you could simply do with the demo version as well and continue your xrns at home if you want to render it.
Or VPN into your home computer from the office and let your Renoise version there render it.

Someone should make a tool that shows a screenshot of Excel on top of Renoise.
With an assignable keyboard shortcut, of course :D


im not sure how to explain name on splash screen :D
ill just print out receipt from email and put it in my desk, and will feel protected :D
i use only native renoise stuff, no vsts, only some stereo mix recorder from youtube, i thought to make some instruments, as i dont have much to do at work in summertime :)
demo wouldnt allow me record or render selection…

yep, my collegue got +/- 50eur damage for holding teamwiever on pc
here its a cool thing to do, walking around random offices, looking like FBI superimportant agent with flash drive in hand and seeking “pirated music” and programs without licence

and the coolest thing is, if they have found unlicensed software that money you pay is not going for that software developers, but they keeping it for themselves, for control piracy “ITS THE LAW”

Do not attempt to use the Internet as a source of legal advice. It is unlikely you will get replies from anyone who is (1) a lawyer and (2) familiar with your particular situation and legal jurisdiction. Check with your manager and/or your company’s legal department for advice on what constitutes acceptable use of a work PC.

A technical suggestion however: consider using full-disk encryption products to secure your machines. This will make it much harder for jack-booted thugs (legally sanctioned or otherwise) to simply walk in and search your hard drives. Of course this may not be much help if you are unfortunate enough to live somewhere where they can just beat you until you tell them the password.


Not actually that far from the truth, because when Renoise 4.0 comes out, it will be fully skinnable. It will then be possible to actually make an Excel skin. You load samples through “Insert → Clip Art”, control vst parameters through bar charts, and control the lpb through “line spacing”… And .001’s dream will finally be realized :lol:

Maybe run it from a USB-stick?

hhah i immagine that, im like yo, boos, i have some kool software i own leggaly, can i install that on my work computer cus i dont have a shit to do in summertime? and his response will probably will be - shure ting son, next month you have got raise and new wallpaper in your office :D

Or make Renoise look like Excel, it already comes close to the original program design anyway…