Renoise On Amd E-450?

Hi I’d appreciate some advice - I currently use Renoise on a fairly non-portable Samsung (Intel core I5 based) laptop - it runs very well as you’d expect. I’m now looking to replace my aging NC10 netbook and would like something portable but capable of running Renoise smoothly.
I’m considering a Samsung 305u which uses the AMD e-450 CPU. I gather this CPU is a little slower than the I3 equivelant, but has a better GPU (I’d like to run some games and media on this also). Anyone have experiences of running Renoise via Windows 7 on this CPU? Will it be sufficient, bearing in mind I’ll be composing mostly minimal/dub techno which shouldn’t be massively processor intensive?


Of course it depends on your needs. Genre can’t really describe them. More importantly: do you plan to use plugins or just samples? If plugins then would it be memory and/or processor hungry kontakt/massive/reactor or some lightweight effects like the classic series? I run renoise without glitches on my former laptop which had 512 mb ram and Pentium M 1.4 Ghz but I used mostly samples, native fx (not a lot but without avoiding them) and ocasionally some soundfont loaded with sfz and one or two instances of Synth 1. So it is perfectly fine to use renoise with the processor you mentioned and it could even run these heavyweight plugins but in limited quantities, I guess. Another thing is: what latency are you expecting and if the answer is “low” then what kind of audio interface are you planning to use but I think 20-25 ms is within your range with built in soundcard.

I have an hp dm1z with an amd e450, and renoise runs likes a champ. granted on this little machine i decided not to install any warez vsts so i can concentrate on getting better at trackering, i do use a few freebies…but nothing that would be too heavy on cpu. Every single renoise demo tune runs smoothly with cpu to spare EXEPT dblue’s demo tune which will max out the cpu and sound glitchy }:A but for all my creations so far it’s been smooth sailing.

I’ve looked at the processor here:

I’m no expert!! But i think its good spec… dual core, sse, sse2, sse3… 64 bit… turbo core technology…

I think you will be good to go

OK think I’ll give it a go. I’m not too heavy a VST user (usually internal effects and a couple of VST synths, the rest samples).
Look forward to some composition whilst on holiday!

Am I right in thinking that this is the processor which is reportedly quite a lot slower than the Atoms but with a much, much faster GPU associated with it? Thus enabling HD video and things but not as good for CPU intensive work, such as audio programs like renoise.

If you are right about that, than that should be a big warning sign! But… How do we find out if you are right about that?

No it’s a good bit faster than the Atoms. Slower processor than the Core i3 (but better GPU).
£100 cheaper than similar i3 machines though…

This is pretty much what I read from different sources before buying my e450 powered ultra-portable.

Sorry just had a chance to do a quick Google now, think I was thinking of the C50 models. The one mentioned above has double the TDP of the Atoms and hence is only really for 12" models and up whereas the Atom N series are used in 10" models. My mistake, hope it works well for you :)