Renoise On Dutch Television

Hello, im not a regular poster but anyways, last night watching a rerun of a talkshow named Pauw & Witteman (aired on our nr1 publicnetworkstation) the viewers got introduced (well not literally named but hey) to renoise during a little example video on how these musicians who were invited to the talkshow made their tracks with samples from classical instruments and combining those with beats. Nothing mindblowing but i just thought i should mention it here!
So expect a salesboost very soon :P

And for the ones who want to see it……amp;sq=witteman
latest one 4.4.2008 about 70% into the show.


hmm both links don’t do anything here.
1st one leads to a dutch website i don’t understand anything from, but it looks like i am redirected to the main page of the site.
2nd one by bantai won’t play in my winamp.

it works great here,just use VLC

Wait a second, that’s not breakcore?!

That was fun to watch, I really liked their music.

(and I’ve never made any breakcore with Renoise)

Ouhhh, Renoise goes Mainstream :) Professionals are using it ;)

SRSLY, great video. I am happy to see “ma old trackasoft” in non-scene-environments. Renoise4ever!

Edit: And +1 for no breakcore ;)

Hmm…did this get removed? I’m not having any luck with winamp, VLC or WMP. Oh well :(

EDIT: I got it to work but it took so long to load in VLC that it startled me when it finally loaded, haha! Cool clip though, yeah their music is nice and I always thought Renoise is perfect for that type of stuff.

I’m trying to upload the clip to Youtube…

respect to Pete Philly and Perquisite!

thanks for the youtube up, patto.

cool stuff all the way and the software is even coolererer :D
well, but somebody ring up those guys and tell’em v1.9 has been released (i’m seeing crosses instead of “off”'s, which already feels so yesterday ;) )

subtitles in “anglais” would be nice. thx for uploading the vid tho.

I like his vocal. sounds almost like ragga muffin (is that how u call it?).