Renoise On Linux Videos

Hi, I see a couple of questions in the forums regarding Renoise on Linux.
Sometimes they are hard to explain, like the $VST_PATH.
So I am thinking of doing some vids for youtube for Renoise on Linux.

Not the how to use, but the

  • how to install on Linux
  • LADSPA, DSSI and linux VST
  • Jack (QJackCtl) and/or Alsa

Any interest?? Any other stuff this should cover??

A jamin+renoise explanation would be best imho.

i’d be interested. just started using #! (crunchbang) a month or so ago, and am still looking into how to make Renoise run properly.

hmm… a video? Which distro are you going to cover? installing renoise on AVLinux is a different process than KXStudio or PureDyne for instance… are you going to cover the variety of desktop environments? LXDE? Gnome? KDE?

Interesting idea but I believe a wiki would be most useful to people, yourself and the whole community :)… as you can’t search a video for a text string, right?

jamin is a completely different mastering application which has nothing much to do with renoise, but covering jack and alsa a bit obviously makes sense.

How about a Renoise on Linux Forum right here at Frankly I’ve always been shocked there isn’t one.
just my couple 2 cents :)

I’m using #! too, lightweight distro is ideal for music.

Actually I wanted to make it more generally, not specific on Desktop or distribution. Installing it should be the same on all Linuxes, just installing the dependecies call different package-managers.
Running it on KDE, Gnome, LXDE or XFCE are other “knobs” and I can do screenshots of other WMs to show the differences.

I think essential is the difference between the usage of Jack and Alsa, checking if the PATHs are set right and if not, setting them in the profile …
Questions like:

  • what is LADSPA and DSSI anyway
  • why can’t I hear my renoise when I have youtube-songs running …
  • does it only run with Jack??
  • I bought a … why does renoise not find the device …
  • stuff on 32bit and 64bit …
  • I already have a Linux different than Ubuntu-studio or AVLinux can I use Renoise??

but basics, not linux hardcore

I use a customised Mandriva Linux with RT-Kernel and XFCE

Id be very interested in as much Linux info as possible. Id like to a make dedicated Linux Renoise machine so anything your willing to share would be appreciated.

i’m dual booting vista and ubuntu for about a week
i’d be interested
i still have no idea which folder I should install stuff to lol.
and those terminal super user codes… ahh linux stuff awesome tho.

That’s no magic:

  1. you don’t install to a folder, Linux does it for you … so if you run the install script, everything is done. To install something, you have to be “root” (Administrator++) or a superuser (su or sudo). Normal users on Linux are not allowed to install something.
  2. You also can yust RUN Renoise by executing the “renoise” file in the unpacked rns_ folder. Then Renoise is only accessable

I am willing to share all my knowledge and I will also link to some other resources I know in the vids.
One good beginning are the videos from metalx1000 on linux audio on his youtube-channel.
He has vids on Jack, specimen, synths, drumcomputers … ohhh I lave this channel.

A second good base is IRC.
On freenode there are at least 2 that are worth mentioning:
#opensourcemusicians and #lad (linux audio developers) so you are right at the "source"rers

It will take some time before I can start, for I have to configure recordmydesktop right, and test what is the best way to cut and author the vids.

So spoken with your words “sudo apt-get install jackd” and "sudo “./” and adjusting limits.conf would do the trick?

If you don’t want to route softsynths like phasex, yoshimi … or work with hydrogen you don’t need jack at all.
If you work purely with Renoise, it’s samples and instruments and you use externel synth (gear) just using alsa is perfect.

If you want to use it with jack, then yes, you have to install it, and maybe QJackCtl as ‘Frontend’ and the user then has to be in group ‘audio’.

O.k. just as a note:

I had to fight with screencasting on Linux a bit but managed to write a script that does what I want.
I now can screencast fullscreen with jack for audio, so I can route between Microphone, Renoise and other soundapps.
It will take some time to figure out the best way to record and author the vids in the best youtubeable way, but I’m on the task.

What is difficult in jamin setup?

Obviously there are a few conversations budding right from this thread on a multitude of tangents… Overall I think a video (series) would be great. It’s just hard for others to add knowledge to it. :)

How about a Renoise on Linux Forum right here at I’ve been feeling like I’m on an island although I know there are plenty of renoise users running on linux. . . I don’t think there is any doubt about it that renoise is the most feature rich, stable, and pleasant experience of all audio sequencers running in Linux. A strong renoise-centric forum dedicated specifically to Linux would really benefit us all, I feel.

and to follow up - what I was referring to in terms of the “installation process” being different from distro to distro didn’t really have to do with running ./… more to do with post-setup things/config such as creating a launcher in the application menu, creating a launcher vs running from command line etc. I believe by default renoise goes into the “Audio” subgroup, but some distros (AVLinux for one, which already comes with the renoise demo installed) you have to do a bit of finagling to get the launcher placed in the correct subgroup. Some distros don’t have an “Audio/Video” subgroup… so what then? Do you see what I mean?

Personally I run a simple script bundled into a launcher that opens jack, then runs renoise automatically on login… but I use Jack, not ALSA. . not everyone does this.

for what it’s worth… I’ve done a bit of testing/benchmarking distros against each other to see which performs best with my particular system. I personally found puredyne (actually installed on the system, not run off the live USB) to be thes most capable with the fewest under-runs.

Why?? If we bundle the vids, there is plenty of knowledge for everybody.

But this would be an “installing on linux” only forum, cause otherwise questions about functions of renoise will double f.e. “pattern view on Linux” and on another forum “pattern view on windows”, and what about mac??
At this point it doesn’t fit at all to the structure of the forums.
I think the vids would fit better into the Renoise FAQ on Linux, as some sort of appendix …

Good to know, I will include this in the vids.

I use mainly Alsa, but I will explain both ways.

edit: ok i see you listed this link too. just wanted to be sure you knew it existed!

An alternative would be to do some tutorials with wink or salasaga and include them in the Linux_FAQ. These are better to alter and easier to create and everything would be in one place.