Renoise on Linux which effect audio

Which synth and effect use you dayli and why?
I’m asking you cause there is plethora of plug-ins in Linux so I don’t know which choose(open source mainly but not necessary free)

Surge XT, Monique and Geonkick are all very good, as well as being free. Linux Studio Plug-ins Project do good plugins.

Surge XT and Air Windows

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VIital surge XT Cardinal VST Air windows and bitwig and Chow stuff on linux for me :smile:

True Peak limiter:

cause there’s no better alternative :slight_smile:

I’m using U-He’s Diva and Repro on Linux, neither of which are free. They work well but I don’t get the instrument automation to work with the vst3 instances of them. The Vst2 automation works fine though. And as with all U-He stuff, it sounds good.

Cool thanks I will see this plug

Yabridge seem great

yabridge is so great