Renoise On Linux

I have been out of touch with renoise for a while mainly because I have it installed on my windows partition and I am almost never booted to windows these days. I haven’t been writing music because of this, so finally I decided to try getting it working under Linux so that it would be more available to me.
I had tried it before to mediocre success, but this time I thought I would try the special version of Wine developed for playing games, called WineX.

After compiling and installing it (not as hard as you’d think, if you’re used to doing this kind of thing) I found that it actually works! Almost perfectly! I’m incredibly happy and ready to get back into tracking.

There are a couple of things that still don’t work, unfortunately. First, the caps-lock key doesn’t enter a “note off” properly, instead it actually switches caps lock. :) Second, I haven’t gotten it to successfully load a VST yet. Other than these two non-trivial things I am quite happily using Renoise again. I wish I could fix them, if anyone has some suggestions.

Has anyone else tried using Renoise under Wine? To what degree of success?

Don’t expect ASIO ever to work flawlessly in an emulated environment even if your soundcard natively supports it (in wich Audigy doesn’t)

Tried ?

asio4all wdm drivers under a Windows emulator running under Linux…

You shouldn’t tease the users with “emulated non-latency” material as “emulated non-latency” = some noticable latency.

Almost like recommending any PC Renoise user to try PearPC so that “you can have null-midi latency of the Mac environment” on a pc… :P