Renoise on Live Performances


When people perform live (on a stage etc.) do they actually bring their PC and fire up their Renoise/Software?

SHAPER, who uses Renoise to produce his music, does he bring his PC to the stage you think? I had a discussion about this with a friend yesterday and none of us could say for sure…

While we’re on the subject, does anyone know if Prodigy ever brought their pc on stage, and if they did, what software they used??


i think liam in the very beginning used up to 3 roland w-30 synths (synth+sampler+sequencer) as his live-controlling-system, linked them together, played for example the lead synth live, while the rest of the song where running as patterns on these synths… and i still think he uses midi on stage, without a computer… but he must have some kind of a hardware sequencer-controller-board or something… it’s quite an interesting subject… can’t imagine what a spaghetti-cable-mess he has to deal with :blink:

I’m not sure if they ever brought a pc on stage…

I’ve heard though that Liam Howlett used to assign loops to different keys on the keyboard so that the live performance could be a bit more live and not just pressing play on the cd player.

I’ve also heard, but I’m not so sure about this, that some of the early tunes were made with a tracker!!!

Hmm… maybe that was Aphex Twin… :huh:


yeah, i think it was aphex twin… i’ve heard that too.
btw; i’m seeing aphex t. in the end of march, he’s comin to norway… quite excited :lol:

Hey i’m from norway too!!! never heard of Aphex Twin :unsure: but if its anything like BT, Prodigy or Chemical Brothers, i might check it out…

by the way, heres a quote from a website about Aphex:

As far as live shows are concerned, it took about a year, but he has finally filled his laptop with everything he needs to tour. Well, almost everything. He also uses a little mixer, and an effects unit. But soon he will be eradicating the mixer and effects unit, so basically it will just be one computer. It does everything he did before with live samples and sequences. He has put every element down on a digital track in Digidesign’s Pro Tools, so he can mix between tracks.


Hehe, Aphex Twin isn’t much like anything… But you really should check him out!!!

Guess what… I’m Norwegian too, allthough I’ve been living in Sweden for the last 10 years

Seems like Norway is the best represented nation here :lol:

Når og hvor kommer aphex twin?

And one swede ;) but where is all the danish chicks? :lol: B)

last sunday i played a show at a converted metal bar … the place still had a large stage and big speakers, just now … . they let us experimental electronic kids loose on the system rather than guys in their 30s with long hair …

all went well, i use mostly LSDj on my gameboy … if you’re currious you can check out a full report @ … oh and there are pix as well

i can’t wait till someone in my krew gets a laptop … my mate ovrthrstr has done wicked things with renoise in realtime that makes v.snare sound soft … until then i guess we’ll have to make all our noize with gameboys and korg machines hehe


bergen (usf), 29.mars; i salg. oslo (blå) vet ikke; utsolgt.

One more Swede here…
I think renoise-users on this forum mostly are Scandinavians (Norway, Sweden and Denmark)?? Correct me If I’m wrong.

Det börjar snart bli dags att dra lite norge-vitsar!

Svenskevitser heller… B)

Real bummer that it’s sold out in Oslo, just moved from Bergen to Oslo… What irony!

Btw, I’m keeping it english so the sweedez can follow the lingo… :P

There should be some norwegian Renoise-compo thingey, should organize how many Oslo-folk there are using Rnz, or how many gokk-living ppl (non-osloensis) who are willing to fork out NOK for a trip…

dårlig gjort… :(

Hey Celsius/Shaper!!!

Yeah, thanks alot :) Hehe love ur music it’s awesome.
Me and a friend have been discussing maybe to hook up, buy some gear and start some serious music making. I mean, me and him both got the same taste in music B) so we both have started doing some “investigating”, like what should we start buyin etc. Me, I’m waiting for my Roland Edirol PCR-50 just to get that real-time piano touch. (Alot easier making songs on a midi-keyboard than on a computerkeyboard.)

This friend of mine is talking about a drum machine tho, but they’re like VERY expensive. Me, I think nice wav samples in renoise would do the trick tho hehe :rolleyes: Then again, i’ve been using fasttracker for 5 years before i found renoise so i guess i’m still pretty attached to the whole fasttacker gui/way of making music.


“I think renoise-users on this forum mostly are Scandinavians (Norway, Sweden and Denmark)?? Correct me If I’m wrong.”

hm. could be true…

ge er till känna alla scandinavier :)

i’m come from france (PEACE)

Hey MED!!

Well, I’ll be damned… checked your “bigbeat” section on ur funky lab site, sounds like we’ve got ourselves a new Norman Cook!
(the what!.mp3 on the bigbeat section)

Great job :) Altho I had some trouble downloading your tunes. It was pretty slow. Nonetheless, funky as hell !!!

gettin down’n’jiggy with it

~Dufey :yeah:

PS: The MR Clean ending was hilarious :) haha

Yupp, Sweden here också… :)