Renoise On Mac And Other Questions

I finally got fed up with my pc and made the switch to mac. installed renoise and man does it fly on here. The only problem I’ve come across (besides not knowing where anything is on this operating system) is when I input a effect in the column (0900) and go to delete it it wont delete. I can delete the note but not the effect. I’m sure this is a stupid question and its really easy to figure out, I didnt see it in the manual but I may have missed it.
otherwise my question for mac users is what audio programs do you use to cut up samples with a mac? I’ve been using cool edit pro but they do not make it for mac. I want something as similar as possible to that. I spent the money registering it and now its useless. And what do I use in place of soulseek? No soulseek almost makes me want to go back to pc…

oh, and whats a good alternative to winamp too? I cannot stand itunes or quicktime!

if you want to delete the effect (o9xx) simply highlight it, hold apple(to the left of the space bar) and press X.
for cutting up samples use renoise, when you get the hang of it, you wont find a better tool for this-in my opinion.

Ooooh, you gonna miss your pc!! :)


just trying renoise on an intel mac… deleting works here similarly than in the pc… just use the cursor keys to navigate to the 9xx effect and delete.

Everything else seems quite similar to my pc version but i get this voiceover on/off message when trying to copy and paste patterns :D:D:D ;):wink:

Cooledit for the Mac is “coming soon”, it was bought by Adobe and is now called Audition:

Currently, instead of Audition, I use:


Learn to love iTunes, i hated it too, but I learned to stop caring, and it’s quite good at what it does when you customize the view by right clicking on the top bar. Alternatives:

Check this site for an extensive list of OS X software:

See ya.

awesome. thanks. :yeah: