Renoise On Nds ?


I just found nitrotracker for the nds, it’s a cool app but it’s not finished and it’s a homebrew…

What about to make renoise working for the ds like a real nintendo game as they did for the korg synth !


Yeah, that would be cool! But I think it wouldn’t be very usable because DS has a very weak hardware (just a ARM9 66mhz and AMR7 33mhz processors). But a iPod/iPhone version would ROCK! :panic: :dribble:

yeah, why not… then on PSP, PS3, XBOX, RockBox, refrigerators, car hi-fi’s…

Oops, didn’t read the post above.

I would like Renoise for my Nokia 3110 Classic

i want renoise to run crysis on sick settings plz kthnxbi!

SDL + OpenGL…

and time.

tracking in DS is really ballgame.
no need, Nitrotacker is enough for that if you want…

We are working to develope professional usable and musical tools for DS or DSi.
DSi has 133mhz masin processor and better audio chip.

Our first program is in the starting phase.
Can’t give a date when its ready. But it is more than one to come. And all hase something special!
go here for more info


IT ALIEN is Mr smitters !

Bart, behave.

You called?

Hi! We’d love to hear more about this over at 8bc. I read through most of the blog but still didn’t get a sense of what your final goal is?


Surely it would be great to have ReNoise running on all devices we want.
I really need a pillow that generates tracks and searches the right sounds with it while I think and dream of a new song.

But remember ReNoise is not a million dollar company.
and developing for this (with relatively short time span) devices wil make the main product suffer.
let alone the maintainance on each platform.

I think we should be more than happy with the fact that ReNoise is no longer bound on Windows but also covers the Mac and Linux. It’s just great.

renoise for ds would be so so so hav to make do with nitrotracker for now…