Renoise on

Would be nice
What do you think?

I’ve only just now taken quick look at the site.

My concern for something like this is that Renoise already has a site for forums, tool uploads, sharing songs, instruments, etc.

There’s also Reddit /renoise. So there are (at least) two place people go. And there is all kinds of overlap and duplicated discussions. It’s quite common for someone to post only on Reddit and not get any helpful replies because the people who might be able to able only bother with the official Renoise forums.

Unless patchstorage offers some high-value feature that this forum lacks I’d be concerned about further fragmenting discussions, song sharing, etc.


What I like about Patchbase is that it combines ios Software, Modular and open source Hardware

There are in Forums and unfortunately also in my real life
prejudices as:
Trackers are Child play
Modular users are unmusical People with too much money
Software sucks and so on

Maybe that Renoise (the unique Trackers possibilities) might become a little more famous.