Renoise On Snow Leopard

Any keen people tried Renoise with Apple’s latest OS?
I guess it’s no real benefit to Renoise until there’s a 64-bit build though.

It would be then like Renoise on Linux…:hardly any plugins available.

Are you talking about 64-bit plugins?

Oh, crap! Didn’t think about that when I ordered Snow… :blink:

Well, as long as it works at all I’m ok for now. :walkman:

Nono, this will work just fine with Renoise - just like before. OSX always was 64 bit. All they did now is making the rest of the core native 64bit applications, like the finder & stuff.

So Renoise should work just fine on Snow Leopard, and all your plugins should also work just fine…

I don’t use a Mac so you have every right to tell me that I don’t have the right to comment :D


Create Digital Music has been running a series of articles on this subject. The conclusion seems to be:

“Basically, the message is what we’re hearing across the board – developers have been testing their software, but you should be cautious about updating and ensure all the hardware, software, and plug-ins you want to use work.”

If I was on a Mac, I would wait before upgrading.

Waiting is not the same as being cautious thought, cautious is creating an image of your HD and then install the new thang to check out if your stuff works.

thanks for the CDM heads-up.

Nearly all software developers (Propellerhead, Avid, Ableton, Plogue, and Native Instruments) advise waiting as support stabilizes

I use programs from almost all of those, and actually 10.5 broke most of them on release too. Fortunately the updates to the OS are interesting, but not compelling enough for me to rush right out and buy it.

In-depth ultra technical review by Ars Technica, developers should start reading at page 8:…c-os-x-10-6.ars

I’ll be installing Snow Leopard this weekend (install CD is arriving sometime this week)

I applaud Apple’s “chill the fuck out on marketing the features” approach to this release; allows developers some breathing room so they can build.

Anyone have it installed yet?

recieved my snow leopard-copy today and tested renoise for a few minutes: nothing to complain about (untill now) …

Let us know how it goes!

I’m thinking about upgrading too :)

Heyhey, this snow leopard?

I have the osx leopard but I think can upgrade it! It’s worth $49.00(34.2163 EUR / 2,388.26 PHP)

I would not expect an app to work on 10.6 just because it worked on 10.5. At my job we had to put out a new version to add 10.6 support; it broke our stuff.

but your stuff is not renoise right? :P ;)

No, but it does involve audio and video capture.

Renoise runs great on Snow Leopard but I have no additional AudioUnits/VSTs installed at the moment (I did a clean install). I heard there are some problems with some AUs/VSTs.

Installed Snow Leopard, it was a painless upgrade, pretty much “works for me.”

I even booted into the 64 bit kernel, and Renoise 2.1 still worked fine.