Renoise On Sony Psp?

I got a sony psp in feb and have been running various emulators on it but the amiga one is more for disk games so I havent been able to get octamed running on it… So I started thinking how nice it would be to have a native tracker on it… I have the source code for stuff like goatracker and what not, but my question is this… Does anyone here have the source for a good tracker that could feesibly run on the psp? Fast tracker 2 possibly? Even more, could Renoise be stripped down a bit to run on it? With 4 gig memory sticks available now for it, it would make a damn nice portable studio. I would love to be able to write tunes on something like that without having to break out a damn laptop. So would anyone be interested in pursing this? I can get whoever would be the developer kits and hacks necessary to get programs running on the psp someone would just have to code an onscreen keyboard and map out the buttons… let me know what you think.

don’t know how well this would work, but if it did, i’d get a psp.

yeah i’ve played with pspkick nitrotracker looks pretty nice though! might have to grab a ds now hahaha…

Guys, seriously - I consider Renoise far more than a “normal” tracker :) That means, that this software is more like a studio-solution…

Porting it on PSP or Nintendo is perhaps funny but IMHO quite useless, because VST does not work on those environments. Besides that there already are solutions for portables.


from what i understand some of the coders here had roots in ft2. like i said, a stripped down renoise would be nice or perhaps something more simple. pspkick is a nice app seeing they wrote it from scratch but it’s too limited for what i do. aside from that program, there are no “solutions” for the psp. i work outside in a
shady enviroment, its one thing to get robbed for a $250 psp, its another thing completely to get taken for a $1000+ laptop. theres also always the possibility of someone coming up with midi adapters etc for them. nitrotracker looks cool, but that would entail me buying a $118 ds and a $98 or so flash cart for it… by the time i do that i could just buy a pda and run something like milkytracker. the psp had a 333mhz processor, you guys can write that off as a “toy” or whatever else but the fact remains its powerful for its size, and im sure alot of the strange live acts would end up throwing a few of them into their aresenal if the right tools were ported over… just my 2 cents.

just wondering, why wouldn’t vst’s work on a psp/ds as long as you had the space on your flashcart?

A “stripped” down renoise would be a usual tracker in my opinion :) That’s not bad but somehow against the “professional” touch this program has…

And VST does not work, because there even is no software-development-kit for the PSP. So that would be another work from scratch I guess.

But I am no dev, so I cannot say. I just pointed out that it would be better to have a simple FT2-clone or something like that on PSP. You could import the XM in Renoise then…
The PSP Software Development Kit (PSPSDK) is a collection of Open Source tools and libraries written for Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP) gaming console. It also includes documentation and other resources developers can use to write software for the PSP.

ReNoise is really not the right program to fit into a PSP.

Try asking to MilkyTracker author

VSTs wouldnt work because they’d have to be ported. The DS runs on 2 ARM7 and ARM9 processors. I do some homebrew development for mine (just for playing around, its good fun), and let me tell you, it is about 90% incompatible with any programming paradigm i’ve touched on before. The PSP, afaik, has a similarly complex architecture that requires hefty work to port. For instance the code to run sound on the DS is wonky because only the “secondary” ARM processor can access the sound hardware, which means every time you want sound action you’d have to send calls from the ARM9 (which does all the heavy duty work) to the ARM7 to trigger it. It’s a bitch to work with, and ARM programming isn’t even object oriented. It’s old fashioned C.

So in short, VSTs would have to be programmed and compiled in a particular fashion to fit on handhelds.

The DS has far less interface issues than the PSP. How “fast” would a PSP fasttracker be with nothing but face buttons?

:D whats up sunjammer its furi from irc… long time no see man.

As its CPU, PSP will make use of twin MIPS R4000 32 bit processors running at max 333 Megahertz. One of these units is referred to as the Media Engine, and is to be used for sound, movies and I/O management. In addition, the system will include a so-called VFPU floating-point vector unit with calculation capability of up to 2.6 Gigaflops. This latter unit is meant for assisting the CPU in 3D calculations.

there are alot of developer libraries etc that people from the homebrew scene have coded and are readily available to make alot of the work much simpler.
i’m speaking to the milkytracker guys also. they basically said the same thing about limited inputs… so i had this to say:
the thumbstick can easily work as a mouse cursor… and does on the newer psp web browsers just fine. for things such as note input you could use key combos like hold x and press up or down to scroll through the notes. button combos would be key… aside from that you could have an onscreen keyboard that could be used with the mouse cursor. i could even find you some fo the coders who have already made some for c64 emus.

in the end i guess i might just end up getting a pda… but given the psp’s processing power it seems sort of silly to just let it sit there and not be taken advantage of.

If one of the Renoise developers spent weeks and weeks writing a PSP version of Renoise instead of implementing a great feature on the fully blown version of Renoise, I’d be dissapointed at least :P

Get a PDA, MilkyTracker already runs on PocketPCs. Working with a stylus and a touch screen might be slow compared to the I/O available on desktop but it’s still way faster than a game controller interface.