Renoise On Two Monitors

Is it possible to have the pattern editor on one monitor with the mixer on the other?

Why would you want to have the “pattern editor” audio split from the mixer while the mixer is the essential part of your audio mixing stuff?

Buy a bigger screen? :huh:

I didn’t think about how “monitors” could have 2 meaning, lol. Thanks for the reply.

So much confusion on such a simple topic.

Right now, the only way to use Renoise with 2 screens is by stretching the window so it takes both screens.

I have 2x 24" running at 1920 x 1200 and I don’t do this quite often, however it’s quite practical when you have a lot of tracks.

For live performance on a desktop (yeah, it contradicts itself but meh) it could be nice to use two instances of renoise, one on each screens.

Most of time, I use my two screens so I see both Ableton Live and Renoise at the same time… or my vst plugins…