Renoise, Once Again Saving My Life


I’ve been using Renoise for almost four years now and it’s the first tracker I’ve ever used… It turns out that I started using Renoise right when I got more serious about composing music. Its effective way to turn ideas into a concrete song in short delays quickly became a standard to me. About a year ago I started getting into Ableton Live and over the months, it became my principal DAW mostly because it allowed me more flexibility in terms of live performance… I also tried composing in it.

Today I realize how in all those months trying to use ableton I couldn’t achieve much. I did however build a quite interesting set that allows me to jam with a computer almost like it was an instrument, however no matter how awesome my jams are, I can barely make tracks with them, chopping those recordings seemed too much work…

I don’t know why but when this stuff is in Renoise, I can do whatever I want with it… it just feels like everything falls at its right place. I know it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing in Live because I now know Live almost as much as I know Renoise. It’s because renoise offers you the tools in a way that encourages creativity, at least for me.

I’m done wasting my time, now I know that if I want to compose a track, it’s Renoise that I’ll launch, nothing else.


Where’s the part where your life was in danger, though?

Was it the drugs?

Not being able to properly compose track is a life threatening danger.

It was probably the women… It’s always the women… <_<

I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Live just seems to miss a lot at the basis of sample manipulation. Things you can do in Renoise within 30 seconds take so much longer in Live (if they CAN be done)… I wuvv Renoise too. :wub:

I agree, however when you look at how Live handles and crop samples, it seems like a more powerful tool (arrangement view and all) but I don’t know why, I can’t get it done in there while Renoise not only does it but forces me to throw in some creative twist. I love it. And now with the autoseek… wow

In some things Live is more powerful, and is my second DAW. But I find much more easy to make tracks in Renoise .

Warped hex is audio sex, gentlemen.

i haven’t used live much but it has one special lil feature that i really like. (correct me if i’m wrong on any point lol)

i really like the feature that one can have clips of different length. just program a drum beat 8 beats long and throw in a tambourine rhythm 3, 5 or 7 beats long along side and you have insta fun! (= in renoise such a thing means a lot of copying and any changes won’t “take effect” directly but needs top be copied out.

if you have say a 5 beats long figure over a 8 beat long figure you have to have 24 beat long pattern to have it repeat again on 1 for both patterns


now, this is probably not the most used thing ever but even if you work with clips divisible by 2 you save time in that you don’t have to fill out whole patterns. like, 16th note hihat pattern with a strong hit and a slow hit alternating. just write a strong and a weak note and you’re done. very efficient for trying stuff out.


It isn’t just for lead instruments you know?

He’s describing the concept of different track lengths, though.

In Renoise, the equivilant would be:

  • Create a pattern with 0x40 lines.
  • Create another pattern with 0x30 lines.
  • Play both those patterns at the same time, looping.

This can, of course, be done by cut and paste and composition. But the concept of “clips” is not the same thing.

I know, copying and pasting is just a different approach. And using a tool to automate this process is there to make one’s life easier on this.
As soon as realtime stuff can be done with Lua, this type of clip-feature will probably come very quickly.

Phasing polyrithmics ftw! :D

ah, haven’t played with the arpeggiator tbh. it might help. will look into it, thanks!

ye, it’s nice! : D

extreme phasing:…h?v=JW4_8KjmzZk

Yeah Steve Reich is a master in phasing pieces :)

100% agree!

i’ve been using both reaper and renoise…but i think i’m just going to ditch reaper. this horizontal way of making music isn’t working for me anymore. and with renoise i actually delve into the music making, whereas with reaper (and other software) i just mess around and waste time.

This is exactly what I’m doing in my max msp step sequencer… except that I have 4 patterns all running at once and I can set independent lpb for each patterns… awesome right?


I’ve thought about making a topic for simply thanking the devs for making this incredible piece of software.
Instead, I’ll just leech off of yours :)

I’ve been using Renoise for almost 10 years now, and I’ve seen it grow from being good, to being great, to being… well, like I said, incredible. And “if the past is any guide”, it will just keep improving.

Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase and say thanks alot to the developers :)

Renoise is truly a lifesaver :D