Renoise, Os X Mountain Lion, Plug-Ins And X11

Hello everyone. I updated to Mountain Lion yesterday and have been running Renoise 64 bit without issue until today. I’m trying to start up a lot of my familiar VST/AU plug-ins and am getting the error that X11 must be installed. Upon following the prompt to continue on and download X11, I’m met with:

“X11 is not included with Mountain Lion, but X11 server and client libraries for OS X Mountain Lion are available from the XQuartz project: You should use XQuartz version 2.7.2 or later.”

So I’m installing xQuartz v2.7.2 in hopes that this alleviates the issue.

Will report back, but has anyone else had incompatibility issues with Renoise after updating to Mountain Lion?


Hooray. That appeared to do the trick.

Sounds like it’s the VST’s that use X11 for the GUI and not Renoise. Can you please clarify this point? It looks like installing XQuartz fixes it anyway though!

I think that you are using a VST plugin which uses X11 in order to run under Mac but you forgot that you already installed XQuartz when you installed the plugin, and the version of XQuartz you installed in MacOS 10.7 was good for that plugin, but now MacOS 10.8 needs an higher version

I don’t use MacOS for music but I do use it for work and when I upgraded GIMP to 2.8, it told me I needed to upgrade XQuartz to 2.7.3 in order to run it. GIMP does use X11 to run under MacOS so you are probably facing something similar.

Apple is known to give bad descriptions in their error messages, so you should not take that message literally. Anyway, if installing XQuartz solved the problem, this is simply what it was needed to be done in order to fix it