Renoise Os

Okay, I am aware that the person who first mentioned this probably meant it as a joke. Nevertheless… Would it be even remotely possible to make a single-purpose OS just for tracking/sequencers? It would have to recognize every soundcard ever made, have support for VST, Mac’s AU, Buzzmachines and all other virtual instruments, and a chatroom link to #renoise.

Okay, maybe I’m just moonbeaming here.

Let us pray! :rolleyes:

If Renoise ever gets successfully ported to Linux, I’m sure it would be possible to put together a non-(kde|gnome) Renoise livedisk ;)

I know I was being serious when I mentioned it haha… who needs multitasking when you’re only running one program anyway? :blink:

we indeed thought about this, but it’s not easy to go through the licensing jungle.

anyway, the starter of this thread mentioned the VST/AU support which would of course not available in this case.

I think an R-BOX (=Renoise Box) would do better… A box with internal appropriate CPU, HDD, sound card, all the necessary ports, a DVD/BD writer, etc. just for one reason: Tracking via Renoise!


Didn’t someone link to some kvr-page about how it’s somehow possible to use vsts under linux? I’m not able to find it now, though.

LADSPA VST (read the introduction on the top of the page)

you guys can hack it :yeah: