Renoise Os...

Has anyone tried making the ReNoise OS that was mentioned a while back? I’d love to just boot my computer and choose from GRUB one of these things:

1.) Ubuntu
2.) ReNoise
3.) Ubuntu Safemode
4.) Ubuntu Older Kernal

With the ReNoise OS, it would be nice if there was some kind of ‘install’ process that would detect hardware (especially soundcard) and install ALSA and jack and have jack start up along with ReNoise…so that when I select ReNoise from the boot menu, a little progress bar starts up and next thing I know, the ReNoise splash screen is up…then I be rockin’…

So I guess…is this even possible? How much work would this require if someone posted instructions? Would I be able to copy/paste everything? I don’t know my way around the command line very well and compiling programs is still a chore for me (still a linux noob here…only 1 year).

I think it would just be stellar to do this…and then install it on the new 9in screen version of the EEE (i believe the new model supports renoise’ screen resolution requirements)…just think about it…a literal ReNoise groovebox…If I installed it on the EEE, that’s ALL that would be on there…no boot menu. Push power -> ReNoise -> rockin’.

Any literature anyone can point me to to get started on such a huge project would be awesome. Remember, I’m not dumb, I just don’t know a lot, but I learn easily if I know WHAT I’m looking at… :)

something along the lines of this:…ith-remastersys

not sure how you would go about installing ubuntu on the EEE. i guess mount the EEE over ethernet with another linux box and install it that way? maybe a decent capacity external drive? then once everything is good, use something to the tale of the above link to create the image of the EEE’s filesystem. then install customized version back on to the EEE. may be alot of trial and error.

The easiest way to do so, is by simply bypassing the window manager and run Renoise as the only app in your already configured Linux environment.
See Neurotix Linux FAQ (“How can I run a stand-alone Renoise environment?”)

You can then, in the login manager, choose Renoise as your current session, bypassing all the window manager overhead - running a naked X Server with just Renoise.

I’ve been thinking of making os bootable from flash disk, probably based on damn small linux that would run renoise. I’ll let you know if I ever get it done :)

If you get it running well, and decide to sell preloaded thumb drives, I’d gladly buy one, assuming I can’t get my own ReNoiseOS going…

Would be quite a seller, I think, even for non-linux users…being able to tap every bit of their computer this way…