/Renoise/ Osc Pattern Prefix

Is it possible to bypass that part of the address pattern?

To everyone that’s new, or interested in this enough to click the link.
This is the beta testing period, if you don’t speak up and there is no way of bypassing the perpended address pattern,
there won’t be.

And, we will probably have to wait until next year.

Its not possible to bypass the prefix pattern. Also I wonder why you need/want to do so at all? Maybe you could give us some more details?

Well, in general the people who are writing the iphone apps expect the host OSC server to be able to interpret the address patterns and type tags the app is sending.
So far this renders 50% or so of OSC iphone apps useless unless another program is used to translate between them, which is just bad.

50% estimate was off, closer to 75-80%:

hex osc
air camera - network remote photo

these currently need another osc toolkit/program running in between to access renoise.

IC, but for those highly specialized, non configurable apps it then anyway would make more sense to write a XRNX tool, instead of using the default Renoise OSC server?

Tools can create new sockets, OSC servers and clients just like they want them. Thus also use any message prefixes they need.

Well, now it makes sense why no one answered.