Renoise PC to Amiga Octamed Soundstudio?

(Kola) #1


Can Renoise export to a format Octamed on an Amiga 1200 can understand? I have a CF reader on my 1200 so swaping files not an issue.

Please note there will be NO samples. This is MIDI only.


(Skolskoly) #2

You may be able to use this. I’m not sure what format Octamed uses, but I imagine you could find another converter once you have the mod file.

Edit: fixed link, my bad

(random) #3

Fixed Link - it converts XRNS to XM (Fastracker) and MOD (Protracker)

as far as I can remember Octamed also read MOD files, unfortunately only 4 tracks (as in Protracker) possible

a good universalconverter (sadly without MED) is MO3

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Thanks guys.

Can Resnoise output a MIDI file as I belive Octamed Soundstudio can inport them?

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Berotracker, it have XM (more Tracks as MOD) to Midi export

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Thanks man ill give it a try