Renoise PC to Amiga Octamed Soundstudio?


Can Renoise export to a format Octamed on an Amiga 1200 can understand? I have a CF reader on my 1200 so swaping files not an issue.

Please note there will be NO samples. This is MIDI only.


You may be able to use this. I’m not sure what format Octamed uses, but I imagine you could find another converter once you have the mod file.

Edit: fixed link, my bad

Fixed Link - it converts XRNS to XM (Fastracker) and MOD (Protracker)

as far as I can remember Octamed also read MOD files, unfortunately only 4 tracks (as in Protracker) possible

a good universalconverter (sadly without MED) is MO3

Thanks guys.

Can Resnoise output a MIDI file as I belive Octamed Soundstudio can inport them?


Berotracker, it have XM (more Tracks as MOD) to Midi export

Thanks man ill give it a try