Renoise PDC problems similar to Ableton Live?

I didnt notice it until now. I´ve got two phase EQ´s on master and some automatization. But that automatization doesnt appear to be synched. Sound is delayed by these plugins, automatization curve is not and i ve got PDC enabled. If you want to reproduce it, insert four LP10 on master for example, draw some automatization and look, automatization will play but track will begin much later. I´ve always thought that Renoise doesnt have these problem. Is there any workaround or it only tricks my eyes (pattern editor is also delayed, so…) and everything is ok under the hood? :blink:/>
I hope that my description is understandable :-).

In general we do compensate automation delays as well. Would you mind posting/attaching a small example XRNS which demonstrates the problem?

Of course. Here it is. delayedgraphics.xrns
I´ve inserted two plugins, you can download at least Spline which is great eq but i suppose you can reproduce it with any linear plugin. It doesnt make any problem with sound but that delayed graphic can be tricky if u need to insert some precise point etc :(/>. Maybe it is same in every daw.
This problem is not same as in Ableton as i thought. If i remember correctly, there automatization doesnt fit to position of track if there are some linear plugins, renoise does it right. But what i see is not what is playing right now, it is delayed a lot (mainly in lp10 example).

I’ve tested almost every windows based DAW, and Renoise has by far the best PDC for audio and automation, the delayed visual problem you’re describing is a problem with all DAWs I’ve used. It shouldn’t really be a big deal unless you’re using plugins with a really huge buffer though.

Yay, that will be the same in every host (as long as it’s a VST/AU). Internal FX may behave correctly.