Renoise Per-Track Groove Suggestion

Hey Renoisers,
I’m not an oldtime tracker so i am naturally somewhat uncomfortable with using the note-delay column (especially since i record most stuff with midi) and on the other hand i’m a bit unhappy with the current renoise song groove.

So here comes an idea that’s on my mind for a while now (basically stolen from guru’s shift graph):

Basically it would add a second note delay column, with a “shift graph” view (center would be straight on the beat). There should be a silder to adjust the groove amount in % … while midi recorded sequences would be at 100% and could be adjusted later.
Everything on a per-track basis, with the option to use one track as “master groove”. Some people would want to have a ‘Apply Groove’ function to write the actual note delay, i guess.
I’m not a coder, but could imagine that the implementation would be pretty straight forward with a reasonable amount of work (?).
Hope the idea got somewhat clear and i would love to know what you think about it.

Maybe with 2.6 scripting capabilities it is possible to create a more visual way of entering in the delay column values like in your mockup or by converting envelopes within minimum & maximum set values. I hope so, since right now the groove thing in the song settings, although usable, feels rather ancient and clunky.