Renoise Player Library

Maybe this has been already discussed here before or has an obvious answer but… Is there such a thing as a Renoise library to allow developers to use Renoise modules in demos, games, musicdisks and such?

Thanks :)

Many times.
From the Renoise dev-team, there is no available player library and there won’t be since the dev-team of Renoise targets their effort on areas where music production is the only priority.
XRNS is an open format, any third party developer can create one analysing the format and the behavior using the Renoise demo.

Songs having scripts that can be called by the player to change/morph automation values, skip to a position or set song start/end/loop would obviously rule for music that adapts to the mood… but I guess there is just no market for it? If enough people/companies would offer money for a license of the playback engine… but we want it for free, right?

I thought companies don’t offer money for a playback engine. The only playback companies pay for are engines usually involves an MP3 player and only because the Fraunhofer institute forces them to because of the patented technology.