Renoise Plugin Interface

What about plugin technology?

Based on the PUBLIC features

  • one might add his own beatslicer…
  • his own plugins
  • his own dj mixer

and so on.

If it was .NET based or C+±based you could easily add stuff you’re missing if you’re a developer

  1. Approach

Maybe it should be possible to integrate some interface technology compared to plugins of adobe photoshop for example. Everyone could programme his own interface added to the filters or tools. Why not use this concept for renoise?

  1. Approach

Maybe also possible would be something like a script editor? Using something like a VB-dialect?

So we could even add what would not be possible.

or even easier could be an interface to something like a batch programming editor? for some users using many files they could programme some tools copying there files for certain reasons and etc.

Would that be a great idea?

guess so.

Maybe it had already been discussed. but was not able to find it in the forum.


most of what you wish for is already there and called VST, I think.

I don’t think so.
The virtual studio technology plugins (vsts) is something I also use to a certain extent. And it’s great. That’s clear

And if I just meant vsts for creating sound effects or sounds then you’d be right.

but I’d like to give you some examples what I mean then:

  • Think of something you want to integrate into the workflow, maybe something really altering a pattern.
  • Or you’d like to do a batch programming job of whatever.
  • You’d like to implement your own file-format or additions to an existing one

more examples:

  • script interface to implement actions to ease your work
  • batch copying actions
  • integrate a spectral viewer for example into the gui
  • creating new gui elements

and etc.

Can someone do this with a vst? I don’t think so.

I think this is what Taktik’s advanced scripting idea is sort of about