Renoise + Power Core / Uad

Hello guys,

recently I was thinking about investing some monies and I am tempted to buy either UAD or Powercore to improve sound quality processing etc, I was wondering though, if you can use these cards and it’s plugins
effectively in renoise, for example similar way that we use vst plugins etc ,
so if any of you guys have and use these cards would you mind to give some feedback ? also
if you had to choose would you prefer powercore or uad ?

thanks for insight

hi, i use UAD1, with lots of plugins.
never get any problems inside renoise.

i try powercore plugins (really good) first but UAD have more details and warm sounds,
if you wanna try and not have money or UAD2, buy one UAD1 in ebay with the base plugin pack. and later if you like UAD prower plugins you can buy UAD2 and use it with UAD1 at same time, plugins work in all card in your system.

i hope i can help you a bit. :D