Renoise Ppqn Resolution?

Can someone let me know what the max. parts per quarter note resolution there is in Renoise?

Most mainstream samplers (<-----oops, that was silly) [later edit]sequencers [/later edit] Cubase, etc have 960 I think.

When is the Piano Roll going to be introduced in Renoise?

Thanks :D

you can’t make such a calculation, because in a tracker there is not a note-based time unit.

the time unit in ReNoise is the “tick”.

the maximum resolution in ReNoise is obtained by putting speed to 1, at which you can put a new event on every 0.00978 econds.

try this for yourself:

  • put speed to F001 and BPM to F0FF
  • create a single 64 rows pattern song and render it to WAV (registered users only)

a 0.626 seconds long WAV file will be created, so the maximum resolution if 0.626/64 seconds between each event.

Cubase is not a sampler, by the way.

I a future version or Renoise, the max resolution will be very high, with 1024 ppq (pulses per quarter) as the default or possibly even higher like 4096 ppq. With the current way time is handled in Renoise, based on old tracker principles, it is as It-Alien says not possible to give an easy answer to your question.

About the pianoroll, the answer to such a question is as always we don’t know. It has earlier been announced to come in 1.3, however, it will now be postphoned to after 1.3 some time for various reasons. Mostly because it depends on some other features to be implemented first before it can be finished in a satisfying way.

Thanks for the replies.

Piano roll would be amazing, for me especially, as I’m not as experienced on trackers as I’m sure just about everyone else here is.

Martinal by pulses per quarter do you mean parts per quarter note?

Yes, or “ticks per quarter note” or whatever :)
In other words, a resolution of 1024 ppq means
that the smallest time interval you can do is
1/1024th of a quarter note. Which is quite small :)