Renoise preference audio device input & output vs. reinitialize

It would be nice if Renoise could load the newly added audio device intended for the audio output to reinitialize, reload the added audio outputs. It would be useful, for example, when you connect headphones, a new audio output is initialized in OS, but which you will not find in Renoise if it is already running. On the AUDIO tab, there is an option to reinitialize the already specified audio output, but the newly one introduced to the OS will not be added . E.g. USB PnP. So Renoise must be turned off and restarted. I wondered if the “reinitialize” button could load a new list of available audio outputs and audio inputs.

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What OS are you on? Renoise recognizes new audio inputs/outputs more or less immediately on my system (macOS 10.14)

Oh, it works on MacOS, good. I am using Win10 Pro LTSC and Renoise 3.4.4. I tested on headphones, which produce audio output when connected, and on an ONYX Artist USB sound card. The most interesting thing is that the connection is displayed in the lower information panel: found x audio input and x+1 audio output. So Renoise informs me that one more audio output was found. But in audio output settings, this x+1 device doesn’t show up. I can’t find the next HW output in the audio output list.
Since Renoise 3.4.4 reports a new USB audio output and input, but it’s not listed, I assume the problem will be somewhere in the 3.4.4 version? If anyone could share their experience in Win10 Pro please let me know.