Renoise Presentation For Class

I would like to use Renoise for a class presentation.

Our teacher would like each student to do a 10 minute presentation on a topic of their own choice. I chose to do a brief history of trackers and vertical scrolling music programs. I want to use Renoise 2.7 to do this demo. Me, only running a tower PC being the issue. Would I be allowed to install Renoise 2.7 on my teachers computer to do the Demo for class if would uninstall it afterwards? Or would it be better for me to just use the demo version?

And if so what are the problems I may run into?

It’s possible to copy your installed version into usb memory or external hd and run it without installing it to school.

Does renoise not need its application data ?
I don’t know how it is with 2.7 but in previous versions it was not possible what you say.
I would like it thought like it is discribed by you, I even once started a topic about this.
One usb stick that has all the fire and does not need any installation would be nice !
I hope you’re right.

as long as you are the sole user, you are entitled to run your registered copy of Renoise everywhere so, if you uninstall the application after the class, you are not breaking the license agreement.

anyway, I think that the demo version has all the features you would need for a 10 minutes class; you could then keep the demo version installed on that PC, which could even be a good thing if your teacher will open it and become a tracker talent in the future ;)

I would personally use the demo. Unless you want to show the rendering. Rest of the features will work just fine.

I suggested to use it without installation because i don’t know if you have rights to install anything to school computers. At least in my school students doesn’t have rights to install anything.

Linux Live USB with Renoise on it maybe?

That would work, but you will have to create an own linux livecd/liveusb with Renoise in it.
Popular Linux Music distros are

  • AVLinux onlu installation
  • KXStudio has a livecd but no Renoise in it (I think), @least not yet, will ask the dev later
  • Tango Studio has a liveversion but no Renoise in it

You also could use PendriveLinux for USB

Both (USB/LiveCD) still means that the computer must allow booting from USB or CD, or that something like virtualbox is installed.
If the computers already have a Linux installed it’s super simple.
Download Demoversion, unzip to USB-Stick, goto class and doubleclick the Renoise-icon on your Stick - runs perfect but will complain about RTstuff

With linux you might get in trouble with unsupported hardware however if you know computer’s specs you can check if it is supported. If yes, then linux livecd with renoise is great idea.

Not getting into the idea of learning to use Linux for a simple class demo. Sounds interesting though. For a PC anyway. The class computers are Mac though. So I’ll just stick to the demo.

I’ll be missing out on Re-wire, render selection to sample, and exporting. Won’t need to export, but the other 2 options would be nice. Perhaps I should use the demo version to do all my work in beforehand as well?

well, (and i just figured this one out myself), if the devs would allow ‘render selection to sample’ in the demo, that would be about the equivalent of allowing exporting. you’d just make a big-ass selection (or multiple ones and stitch them together in Audacity or something). same goes for Rewire - you’d Rewire Renoise into another DAW and record that audio; effectively an export.

i suppose you could do your pre-work in the full version, since you are only missing export-functions, there should be no problem in loading your existing files in the demo?

edit: also, for the scope of a 10 minute presentation, i think Rewire would be a bit over-the-top to demonstrate.

That’s the most secured option here, you don’t need ASIO or Wav rendering to demonstrate all the other usable features of Renoise.
And the ReWire is not disabled but crippled in the Demo. so you can still demonstrate it, but you are limited in certain things.

If I do something in 2.7 won’t some stuff not work correctly in the demo?

Rewire is easy to set up. I was planning on having it already rewired as a slave to logic ahead of time. But I think I’ll just go with the demo.

Now here’s the real question. What points should I bring up Renoise having that other trackers and DAWs don’t have? So far I have:

-lightning fast “keygen” workflow (bringing up the point of hotkeys)
-render to sample
-Rewire “as slave” capability (though I wish it was as master, but I can dream)
-hella intuative (yes I will use the term hella in class because I live in California)
-the various windows: sample editor, mixer veiw, what are the names of the others?

I will probably quickly go over the creation of a beat to show how quickly it can be done from scratch.

Also, within the sample editor, will I be able to create new samples in the demo? If I want to cut a snare out of a break?

Oh yeah! And how could I forget?

-the commands 00xx-0Fxx
-using commands to control DSP perameters (I need better wording for this)

Render to Sample won’t work in the demo unfortunately.
I think you can better just record these specific licensed features to a video and then show the video how it works instead.

Anybody know of a good program I could use to record what is showing on my computer screen?

Anybody know of a good program I could use to record what is showing on my computer screen?

I don’t understand this comment! Renoise can be Master or Slave. Or it because Logic is the other DAW you have access to and is Master only?

Even demo has both (although slightly crippled.)

“•as ReWire Master, only the first stereo input bus will be available
•as ReWire Slave, Renoise will occasionally generate a small subtle hiss”

(Looking at the Wikipedia page to see if Logic was listed as only Master capable and have they really gone to using the names “Mixers” and “Devices” rather than Master and Slave?

Last time I needed to capture my computer screen (it was a few years ago) I was using Camtasia.

Camtasia is great*, and the Mac version is a bit more affordable than the PC version, so if you want to make a really polished presentation I recommend it. :D

However, if you don’t care about polishing and just want to record the screen as-is, we also make Jing, which is free and records up to 5 minutes. (so you could just make a couple of videos and play them back to back)

*Full disclosure: I work for the company that makes Camtasia and Jing. But they are great products that I would recommend to anyone.

Aha, so i recently paid part of your salary again by upgrading Camtasia.