Renoise Preset Button Modification :)

Here’s a simple little “upgrade” for anyone who thinks the preset buttons look a bit weird, with the stuff in the background behind the numbers, obscuring the text slightly, etc, etc, etc.




Unzip to your [b]Program Files\Renoise 1.5\Skin\Icons[/b] directory.

Make a backup of the old .bmp files if you like:

Enjoy :P

Maybe it’s time to start a Renoise Mods/Hacks site? hehe.

Very good, thanks. :)

If you would kindly request your host to remove’s netblock from their bogus-range, i would be able to reach that stuff too… (I heard what the problem was from my provider, they already did several requests to have them removed because they also had different other complaints, but they seem to be ignored by your provider and some others that seem to block users from my provider as well)

You made me very anxious about your stuff, but i can’t reach any of it :P

too many l33t h@x0rz with your isp, eh? :P

hehe… well, until the host thing is fixed, I would be more than happy to email you anything (themes, these buttons, etc). or if there’s another way you’d prefer me to send them.

just let me know.


Alternatively, how you tried accessing my site/files via a web proxy such as ? Perhaps you’ll be able to get around the problem that way? Worth a try. (Make sure your popup blocker and stuff is activated though, these web proxy sites usually have silly ads and other crap, but they can be useful).