Renoise + Presonus Studio One + Rewired

At the Renoise slave connection to Presonus Studio One, there is no fixed output channel on playlist. But in mixer console at the creation one or more bus channel the sound is playing in each channel apart, but without reflection on play list. At the track export with using each channel apart, the split on tracks doesn’t happens. In addition, renoise’s signal on all another audio tracks is also recording.

Hows Presonus One at all? Good, vibey, got flow? Wussup )
Stable? And r u on mac? Or win?
Tell us ur opinion. How`s the sound & fx?

You use the export function in Presonus or in Renoise?
I would not use the export function in Renoise if you have slaved it to Presonus
The first part is not quite clear to me what you mean by that…

i used on pc. program stable, i dont have a problem with it, sound is perfect and software effects too. when trouble will be solved, i will rather buy it.
good combination, compact distributive, useable interface.

When connect renoise to studio one,renoise doesn’t fix on concrete track and there is no possibility to split renoise signal on individual tracks. This function shows only with mixer, but not with editlist. That complicates track render in studio one.

Did you understood the demo limitations?

Your problem sounds like you are using Renoise as a master, but you mention that you use Renoise as slave…

i have full version 2.1 =)

later i will write about this trouble in presonus community.

I just wanna understand is it a trouble with renoise or studio one?
tnanx 4 attention

You didn’t ask me, but I’ll answer anyway :P

Studio One (S1) is pretty good actually. I’ve tested the demo for some time now, and will order the downloadable full version within the next few weeks.

The workflow is fast. Not as fast as that I have with Renoise, but the drag’n’drop features make it simple and enjoyable to stay in the creative process.

The sound engine is excellent, 5/5 stars there.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with Renoise and ReWire. I really hope these problems will be solved, because this is one of the few DAWs out there that I honestly assume many Renoise users would love to sync to Renoise itself.

Hmm, I think this is not a bug. This might be their thought about ReWire.
You can mix Studio One’s tracks and Renoise’s tracks in the S1’s mixer.
They might thought it’s enough for mixing the tune.
If you need rendering your Renoise tracks, you can do it in Renoise and can paste to S1, don’t you?
Of course it’s better if you can render Renoise’s tracks in S1 directly though, it should be on the S1’s to-do list and it’s not Renoise’s fault, I think.


Though I cannot test exporting, this is something strange, indeed. :rolleyes:

Well, I just tried S1 demo a bit and maybe I’m wrong, so let’s wait their reply.

Ooops, sorry I was wrong above. :wacko:

Now I find that ReWire devices can be used as “Instrument”.
They are shown in the “Unknown Vendor” folder in the vst instrument browser.
Then you can drag & drop Renoise to the playlist.
Maybe didn’t you do the same mistake?

Sorry for posting again and again. :(

Hmm, indeed this is the issue related Renoise.
I tried other ReWire slaves (Reaper, Reason, Vocaloid2, FL), all their channels are recognized by S1, though individual channels of Vocaloid2 doesn’t recognize.
But Renoise’s channels are not recognized at all on the track-header…
(As Jalex said, all they work in the S1’s mixer though)

Taktik, can you see what is the cause?

i just love the GUI of studio one just beatiful :yeah:

Tried the demo of studio one… Pretty dope daw, workflow is great… But the price tag could be a tad lower imo. Think I will wait for a few updates before I make a decision.

Not really. We do offer the master & other channels to the master. Theres actually not much we could do wrong. Have to install Presonus and take a look at this and/or contact the Presonus devs. They can find out easier why this doesn’t work as expected with Renoise…

Would be really great if you could do that!! (Studio One’s devs are also in Germany btw) :walkman:

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve tested this here again, and it seems that linking an rewire instrument to a track is only possible with some ReWire clients. With Reaper & Reason it works, with Live and Renoise not for example.

Probably you can only create real “tracks” with ReWire instruments when there are MIDI inputs available for the ReWire instrument? We don’t offer any MIDI inputs, thus they do not show up there. If that assumption is correct, then all you need is dragging the instrument to the Mixer in Presonus and NOT into the track chain. In the mixer you can setup the audio routing as expected…

Please see this.

[s]If you start Ableton Live as ReWire slave, you can select Live in the S1’s track header.
But we cannot sellect each Bus of Live (and Vocaloid2, as far as I tested) individually,
so I think that there is something wrong on the S1 side.

Reaper and Reason etc. are recognized by S1 normaly (Bus selector also appaer on the track header).

But only Renoise doesn’t appear in the S1’s track header output list even if we start Renoise as slave.
so I worry that there is something wrong on the Renoise side too… :unsure:

I notice that Live also works fine if we set some clips on the Live’s track actually.
We can select each bus in S1.

So, as far as I know, Vocaloid2 and Renoise don’t work correctly in S1. [/s]
Ahhhhhhhh, wait.
Now I notice that the ReWire tracks in S1 as instrument are ‘MIDI tracks’.
If I try to record the ReWire tracks, the Pianoroll window appears. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
Then, it seems taktik is right. Sorry for confusing.
Hmm, it’s a little strange structure of S1…

@Jalex and Transcender

After all, We should have read this thread first. ;)

It seems that the feature of S1, at this time.