Renoise product homepage missing a big screenshot

Hey guys,

currently it seems (at least for me) that the Renoise product homepage doesn’t has neither screenshot nor video on initial page… Isn’t that contra productive ?

Why not adding a screenshot including a huge fft spectrum viewer ?

Also you did not mention the spectrum view as an feature separately (or on last position and then only in the spectrogram mode), but ion it is one of the main features that raise from other daws…

just my 2 cents…

Yeah, a big sexy screenshot would be cool :slight_smile:

nor video

Look again? There is a very prominently placed video on the page

Yeah, but it needs to be full width as in the redux section… And the front cover of the video could be then the sexy screenshot.

I remember thinking that it would be nice to show Renoise in context:

a messy, real-life kind of picture. with computer + speakers on a desktop littered with stuff

But then, I’m not even sure how I would respond to this myself :slight_smile:

just add a bunch of guys in a circle, jerking off to a screen with renoise. that would draw some attention :smiley:

Yeah, some guys with huge bags under the eyes staring at the backstage area… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW. clicking directly on “Products” will show this buggy page (at least on OSX safari):